Rebel and Jen

Rebel and Jen

Hi Webmaster,

This is our first time posting so go easy on us. I hope you enjoy the pictures although they have nothing to do with the story. They are of "Jen" just random pics she has taken of herself and sent to me via cell phone, much to my pleasure.

A few months back me and Jen went to a friend of mine's house last one night. We brough a couple packs of smirnoff, not enough to get drunk but just to get loosened up a bit. Well shortly after we got their my friend and I both stripped Jen and his gf down to nothing but a smile :). We had both females laid back across his bed while we commensted to eating the heavenly goodness from between their legs. This was all of our first experience being around others so we were all a bit nervous. We finished off the smirnoff before me and Jen retired to the other bed, our friends were a bit shy and did not want to finish what they had started with us watching (although we wanted to watch and be watched, but thats another time) Needless to say we could hear moaning from the room next to us so i made jen chant in with her high loud moans and yells. We finished up and went to sleep. I awoke the next morning to find Jen walking around completely naked :D She finally put on clothes, much to my displeasure, when my friends awoke and joined up in the living room. We all recapped on the night and said how we wished we could do it again.

Sorry for the few details, this is our first post so go easy on us and it was a long time ago, and i was kinda out of it.

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Rebel and Jen

Rebel and Jen

Rebel and Jen



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