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Sweet dare


Rewarding a Kind Gesture
I used to help Lee take care of our large yard, front and back, including our flower and vegetable gardens, but since Lee passed away last year, it’s been difficult for me to keep up with everything. Lee used to winterize the lawn, shrubs and gardens. He would give the lawn a final mowing and then spread a winter fertilizer. He would prune the shrubs and trees where necessary and then mulch all around them. On the vegetable gardens, he would cover them with heavy traps (they are raised beds and he had hooks and straps to secure the tarps), but I haven’t bee able to do any of that.

A photo buddy of Lee’s, Denny, stopped by and asked if he could help get the yards and gardens ready for winter like Lee did. He often helped Lee winterize everything and Lee would then help him do the same for his yards and gardens. Besides photography, they both shared a love for lawn and garden work. He said he would be here early Saturday morning as it would probably take all day.

I told him that would be great and said I would prepare dinner for him as a reward. Since he was a widower for about 8 years, he readily said that would be great.

Even though Denny was a good friend of Lee’s, we had never done anything risqué with him and he had no idea of our past. He had seen me pose nude once about 20 years ago, but nothing since I wasn’t sure he even remembered as they had many female models over the years.

Denny was about 10 years our younger, and not a bad looking man, but I had never thought of him as anything other than a friend.

To his word, Denny showed up just as the sun was beginning to rise. He already knew where Lee kept all of his garden and yard tools and I had a load of mulch delivered the ay before. It was frosty when he arrived, but it was sunny and it quickly began to warm a little as the sun rose.

I fixed some breakfast and asked Denny to take a break and he did. He ate quickly as he wanted to get back to work. I knew from years past with him helping Lee that he liked pizza with lots of different meats and cheese, so I ordered pizza for the two of us and made sure I had plenty of cold beer.

Like breakfast, he ate lunch hastily. We managed to talk a little about life after the death of our spouses. Denny asked how I was doing since Lee died and I told him I still struggle at time. He told me that he also still struggled after the death of his wife, Bobbi, he told me that as time passes, it gets easier to live life, but the void is never filled and the hurt doesn’t go away. I asked if he had dated and he told me no. His family and friends keep trying to get him to go out and find another wife, but he said he’s never felt ready. He excused himself and got back to work. while he was working outside, I watched him from time to time and for the first time, I looked at Denny differently than I ever had before.

Denny finished just after sundown and I could tell that he was exhausted and very sweaty and dirty. I suggested he showered and he said he didn’t have any clean clothes, so I offered him some of Lee’s as they were close to the same size. I showed him where the shower was and where Lee’s clothes were and went downstairs to start getting dinner ready.

About 5 minutes after Denny climbed into the shower, I don’t why what got over me, but I stripped down and stepped in the shower with him.

Ever since my surgery, I had not given any thought of being with a man, other than Jack, Mandy’s husband, but here I was stepping into a shower with Denny.

He was very surprised but happy for the company. He told me that I had hardly changed since I modeled for the photography group so many years ago, making me realize he hadn’t forgotten and I think I blushed like a school girl.

We hugged and I pressed my breasts against his chest and felt his erect cock pressing against my belly. As I said, he as about the same size as Lee, including height – about 6’2” and I’m 5’0”. I reached down and began running bis cock against my belly and after soaping and cleaning the sweat off it, I bent down and took what I could into my mouth.

It was obvious that Denny hadn’t had any sex in a long time and he emptied his load into my mouth after a very short time. I stood up and Denny began to apologize for cumming so soon, and I put my finger to his lips to hush him. We hugged and kissed again

Denny then washed my breasts and I washed his cock. We rinsed off and helped each other towel dry. I showed him some of Lee’s closes and then put on a top and shorts, but no bra or panties.

I had bought steaks, so headed to the kitchen and started dinner I wrapped some potatoes in foil and put them on the grill, followed by the steaks and threw a couple ears of corn in a pot. Denny tended to the grill and I got things ready in the kitchen and set the table.

Dinner and conversation was delightful and Denny helped me clean up afterwards. He asked me why I showered with him and I told him I really don’t know why, but just felt it was the right thing to do to say thankyou for helping with the yard and gardens.

Again, I don’t know what came over me, but I asked Denny if he would like to stay the night with me in my bed. He looked surprised and wasn’t sure what to say. He asked me if it was just my way of saying thank you like the shower and I told him in a way, but that I really would like him to stay. I told him that suddenly, I longed to have a man’s arms around me as I slept.

He finally agreed and we spent a lovely evening talking and sharing a bottle of wine. Then I led him upstairs to my bedroom. I helped him undress and he undressed me and we climbed into bed together…
Poster: P J (widow of Lee J)