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Sweet dare


Anniversary surprise Part 1
Awhile back we celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. Since we had both become sexually open I knew exactly what to do for her. Lori would often come by and pick me up for lunch. I noticed that she kept eyeing the new guy, Steve. He was about 6" and slim with a good build. I knew he worked out at the same gym Lori and I went to. When I questioned her she replied that she thought he was cute.I also noticed that he would sneak glances at her whenever she came by. Now as you know my wife is a babe, with long blonde hair, 5'6" with a 34-24-34 figure. She works hard to keep herself looking hot. When Steve discovered we went to the same gym he would try to be there when we were. Lori always wears yoga type pants and a tank top that hugs her body.
Anyway, I knew that Dave and I had talked some and that he too, had the hots for my wife. Dave was a little older than us but he kept in great shape too. I knew I would have no trouble suggesting a threesome to him. Steve I didn't know about.
One day after Lori had been by I caught Steve watching her ass through her tight skirt as she left. He jumped guiltily when I caught him staring. "So you like watching my wife huh?" I said sternly. He was embarrassed and stammering all over the place. I couldn't keep a straight face any longer. I told him, "It's okay, my wife is really sexy. Besides, she thinks you're pretty good looking too." Steve was surprised. I explained to him that Lori and I had an open relationship, and that she talked to other men, traded pictures and that I did the same with other women. I explained that we even had sex with others with each other's full consent. Steve was stunned. Then I told him about our upcoming anniversary and that I wanted to give her a surprise threesome with her an another guy and that I would just watch an take a few pics (without there faces in them). Steve grinned and said he was in. I talked to Dave and he laughed, "I hope you know I will screw her crazy, but how will Steve handle it?" I laughed and told him that Lori would take care of both of them.
I set everything up for the day before our anniversary. I bought Lori a new short black dress was strapless with the top being mostly sheer, showing off a good portion of her tits. So all she had on that night was the dress, a skimpy pair of black thong panties and her shoes. There was a little short jacket but I didn't think she would keep it on too long. We went to the old railway station where I took a few pics, then we went in. Steve and Dave were already there. When we got to the table I introduced them to Lori. She smiled, then removed the little jacket. Steve's eyes were bugged out as only some heavier lace kind of hid her nipples. I whispered to Lori happy Anniversary and insisted she sit between them. From the look on her face she figured out where this was all leading. We chatted during dinner and drank wine. I knew Lori was getting relaxed and horny too. At one point she had a hand on each of their legs on their upper thighs. I learned later they were both wearing boxers so their hard-ons were quite obvious. As they chatted Dave kept touching her shoulder and occasionally squeezed it in such a way as to pull up on a tit. Steve had a hand on Lori's leg up on her thigh, as the dress was really short when she sat. Since it was loose and flowing from the waist down, it left plenty of room for his hands to move freely.
By the time dinner was over I knew both guys were as horny as could be and Lori was too. I suggested that they come over to the house for dessert and more drinks. Both agreed. Then I invited them to ride with us. When we got to the car I suggested That Lori ride in the back between them.
On the way home both guys had a hand on one of her shoulders and the other on her legs. It was a tight fit in the back seat so the were pressed up against her. Both were rubbing her shoulders and neck as they talked. Her legs were a little bit apart and both guys had a hand rubbing up toward her inner thighs. As much as I could check she had a hand on each guy's leg as close to their cocks as she could without touching them. I noticed both guys kept stretching their thumbs down to touch as much of her tits as they could. There sheer top was like a push up bra so it lifted them quite a bit. Dave started rubbing her arm, letting his fingers brush the sides of her tits. This is a real turn-on for Lori.Steve joined in and son their hands were cupping her tits. At one stop light I noticed both guys had hands under the skirt. Later Lori told me their fingers were brushing up against her crotch. She responded by moving her fingers over their cock heads through their pants.
By the time we got to our place the sexual tension in the air was thick. We went inside and went into the living room. Lori sat between them on the couch. I sat across from them in a chair after retrieving the camera. I smiled and told Lori "Happy Anniversary" She just smiled back. Steve and Dave pulled off their sports coats, shirts, shoes and socks. They started kissing her and rubbing their hands all over her tits and crotch. It didn't take long for Dave to get her dress unzipped and Lori out of it. They started kissing and sucking on her tits and nipples. She kept rubbing their cocks in their pants. Finally, both guys got their pants off. Their cocks were pushing the stretch boxers out. I stripped off my own clothes to let my cock free. While Steve kissed Lori's mouth and tits, Dave moved down and took her panties off and started licking her pussy, paying a lot of attention to her clit. Lori was moaning now. She reached in their boxers and pulled their cocks out and started stroking both of them. Dave and Steve traded ends and kept licking and dsucking her tits and pussy till she was gasping for breath. Lori finally pushed Steve onto his back and went down and started sucking his cock. Dave kept sucking on her pussy. Finally Dave stood up and slid his cock into her pussy. Lori cried out, her body trembling in orgasm. Dave looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. He grabbed her hips and started humping her pussy. She just moaned and sucked harder on Steve's cock. Dave had her cumming multiple times. He pulled out and got her to turn around. She started sucking Dave's cock and Steve pushed his cock into her pussy. They kept going for awhile till Steve was groaning. He finally let loose and blasted a load of cum inside her. Dave let go and Lori swallowed his load down. When they stopped, I brought them all some wine. After resting a bit Lori grabbed both their cocks and led them to the bedroom. It wasn't long till Lori was sucking both their cock and getting them hard again. Steve's cock was thicker so when it was time she straddled him and lowered herself on his cock. He pulled her down and was kissing her. I gave Dave some lubricant and he fingered it into her asshole. Then he slid his cock up her ass. Lori gasped and groaned, but it was obvious that she was having a good time. My own cock was hard and wet from stroking myself. Steve and Dave motioned me over. Steve started sucking her tits. I got up on the bed, straddling his head and shoulders. Lori looked up with lust filled eyes and I fed my cock to her mouth. She sucked me hungrily as the other guys screwed her crazy! Finally she was shaking with another huge orgasm. I couldn't take it anymore and I blasted a load down her throat while Steve did one in her pussy and Dave up her ass.
When we finished I went back to the chair. Steve and Dave each did her another two times.
When it was over I drove the guys back to their cars. They thanked me for sharing my wife with them. When I returned Lori was in the shower. I changed the sheets and stripped. We ended up screwing again before she dropped off to sleep. Sex the next day, on our anniversary was hot! What happened next is another story.
Poster: RobnLori