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Sweet dare


Grocery store
Grocery store

My wife and I occasionally talked fantasies and I talked about showing her off, but it was always ever just talk. Occasionally she would get a wild hair and get a little flirty, maybe ride in the car with me in something revealing, but otherwise we're pretty tame. Then one early evening I was leaving work and she called me, telling me she needed to go to the grocery store in town and would I meet her? It had been a very long and seemingly grueling day at work, and I just wanted to go home, but I would meet her if she wanted. "No, its okay." I heard some dissapointment in her voice. "Why? What's wrong?". "Nothing. I can go by myself, I'll see you at home." Okay, well, I started towards home, thinking of the couch, a snack, TV. About the time I pulled up in the driveway, she called me again. "Hi". "Hi. Did you get all your stuff at the store?" "Yes." "Okay, are you headed back or do you have more shopping?" A pause..."I've done something, and I'm hoping you're not going to be mad". Well this immediately got my full attention. "What's wrong? Did you have an accident? Are you okay? How bad is it??" Another pause..."No, nothing like that." Confused, "Well then what is it??" A long pause..." Okay, you know that black top with the long sleeves you like me to wear?" Huh? Now I'm really confused, but relieved, obviously there wasn't a vehicle accident, "The one that stretches? Yes". I was very familiar with this shirt. It was stretchy and thin and every time she wore it around the house, and on rare occasions for me in the car, her nipples and tits were prominently on display and visible. I was always asking her if she would wear it or something like it on one of our trips in public. "I'm wearing it. I was hoping you were going to meet me at the store." Okay, now I'm not confused, but the blood is starting to move away from my head. "Seriously?" I am a bit disappointed she didn't tell me that before I drove all the way home. "Well, you said you were really tired and I didn't want to make you go into the store." Oh, well, that's okay. I was starting to have visions of her walking in with groceries in that top. Suddenly I wasn't so tired. "Its fine. So, are you on your way home??" I put a little growl in there. "Yes, but there's more." More? " What do you mean? Like what?" Pause... " I wore it into the store..." I actually blinked several times as the blood started rushing away from my head. "What?! You did?! Seriously?? Without a sweater or something??!!" "Are you mad?" "Hell no! What happened?? Did anyone notice??!" Pause..." Yes. There was this freckled blonde curly headed college kid working in produce, and he definately noticed." Now I've got a stupid grin on my face, "yeah? What happened?" Another pause..." I was trying to play all cool and nonchalant, I had my carry basket and he was washing the lettuce stand, and he asked me if I was finding everything without even looking up, until he did...". I'm actually starting to drool a little bit, "And?? What he do??" Pause..." His eyes found my tits and they never left them the whole time". Awesome. Score one fantasy off the list. She did it! " Theres more...". Huh? "Oh? Like?" Another pause..." Okay, I was telling him I was looking for the green onions and he just pointed over there, without ever not looking at my tits. I could actually feel my nipples getting harder and harder, as he stared at them. And... I dont know what possessed me, but... after looking around real quick, I reached down, took his hand... and put it on my tit...". What? What? "Are you still there?? Are you mad??" My mouth was completely dry. "Seriously?" "Yes. Are you mad?" "No. No. Actually, I'm sporting a serious boner right now. Did he, uh, like, feel you up?" "Yes. But...there's more." My head spinning, I gulped "more?" Pause..."I reached down and grabbed him." "What??!! In the store?!" "Just through his pants. He was already pretty hard. I thought he was going to faint. He finally looked at me, though. He started trying to say something, and I told him to hush, just dont say anything, and then i....i...". "Yes??" Pause... "I put his hand down my pants". I thought I was going to pass out. "Go on, please!" Pause... "I know we've talked about these things, and i dont know, i thought it was okay, and I was feeling very moist, good thing I'm wearing black leggings, so,... yeah, i pushed his hand down to my pussy." Okay, my cock is starting to ache, so I shamefully start to pull him out while I'm still in the car, in the driveway. "Just keep going, dont stop". A long pause..."well, you should have seen his eyes, like dinner plates. He started fumbling around down there and found my slit, but he was just at the wrong angle to get a finger inside me. He tried though. Are you okay? You're breathing funny." "Uh huh. Go on!" Pause..."Theres more." "Uh huh" Pause..."okay. It wasn't working for me really, so I asked him to meet me outside." "Uh huh, go on!" Pause..."so, I grabbed my groceries, checked out, went out front, and he was there." Uh huh. "I asked him if he had a car there, and he had a pickup. So I took his hand and we went to the truck." Uh huh. "Once we were in the truck, I let him kiss me a bit and he got his hands up my shirt. I was getting so wet with him pinching my tits. I told him to get it out." Uh huh! "I've never seen anybody pull their pants down that fast!" Uh huh! "Then I grabbed his cock, leaned over,...and stuck it in my mouth." Oh, oh! "Are you still there? Please tell me you're not mad. I thought it'd be okay and I wasn't thinking clearly at this point, I was so hot and wet, my pussy was practically dripping." "Not...uh...mad. What next?" "I sucked him for like ever. He was moaning and saying he wanted to fuck me, and my pussy was just drenched. I told him no, but I pulled his hand around to my ass and pushed his hand into my pants again. This time he found it, well after trying to finger my ass at first, and he pushed his finger into me, then two." " Did you fuck him?!" I croaked. "No. I couldn't do it. Should I have?!" "Seriously??!! I dunno! Maybe. Poor guy! What did you do??" When she answered I could hear her smiling, "I started to come from him fingering me and I just really went to town sucking him. He started to grunt, so I stroked him until he came all over the place! I think theres some in my hair!" My car was a mess too. "Then I kissed him really long, let him nibble my tits a bit, pulled up my pants, grabbed my groceries and left. I'm on my way home now. I'm almost there. I really need you to fuck me." "Um, i uh, i kinda jerked off while you were talking..." "what??!! Seriously?? Well you better get hard again soon, or I'm going back to the store!!"
Poster: Chas