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Sweet dare


Boat Repaired, Wife Shared
This took place about 15 years ago. My wife and i had tried several times proir to have a mmf threesome but it never worked out, either we were interupted, the other guy was to drunk to perform or my wife just did not get into the other guy. Our first 4 attempts took place over about a 18 month period, then it seemed as if she gave up on it happening. I brought it up in bed for dirty talk several times but she just did not seem interested.
After about a year we had met some new guy friends at a party. My wife seemed to bring up one of them in conversation more than usual but never brought him up in a sexual way so i did not think much about it. We had met him a couple of times at parties and bars and my wife would flirt with him but nothing to obvious. While after about 9 months of knowing him he called me to ask if i could help repair his boat, nothing major, just a little engine work and fiberglass repair. We had set it up for the following Saturday night. I had told my wife she didnt have to go and would probably be bored but she said she wouldnt be bored watching two hot guys working on a boat and having a couple drinks. I didnt even think twice about her comment and had pretty much given up on my fantasy of a mmf threesome.
While Saturday finally came and i just out on some "garage" clothes and she just put on jeans and t-shirt. She did pack a bag so "i could get cleaned up" after we were done. She had packed the bag as usual and i didnt see what she had placed in it. We got in the car and drove the 45 minutes to his place. On the way she was making little sexual comments but again it really didnt click with me since i had tried before with no luck and did not want to get my hopes up again. I figured if she wanted it to happen i would leave it up to her.
When we arrived our friend bob was in the garage already working on the boat and was pretty greasy and dirty. He asked us if we wanted drinks and was going to jump out of the boat to get them when my wife said she would grab them for us. When she came back she was out of her jacket and in a lace top that was see thru. I always encourage her to dress sexy but usually she saves it for at home. We were working on the boat and she kept making sexual comments to the things we were saying while working on the boat and the more drinks ahe had the more sexual they got. After a couple hours of wrenching and fiberglass work Bob and I were pretty covered in grease n ressin. He told me i could use his shower to get cleaned up so i hopped in and my wife grabbed the bag and put the clothes she had brought for me in the bathroom while i was showering. I could here them laughing and having a good time while i got cleaned up. Once i was done i came out and Bob said he was gonna get cleaned up to. My wife asked him if she could shower n freshen up to cause she "was feeling a little dirty also", that comment had gotten my attention but i still wasnt getting my hopes up. Bob gave a little laugh and i noticed him wink to her as he told her where the other shower was. She grabbed our bag and went to shower. I had a drink a looked around his place a little while they were showering and noticed some adult movies next to his dvd player and they mostly involved 3some stories. After they were both done showering and Bob had joined me again in the living room my wife called out for him to come up stairs and help her with selecting her clothes. Now i was getting my interest peeked but was still thinking she was just teasing us. After about 10 minutes he came back down and made a comment about how hot my wife is, i just said i know i am a lucky guy. I asked if she was naked when he went up and he said she had on lounge pants and a shirt while she was going through what she had brought with. I asked what tgey picked out for her but he just said i would like it alot and he had gotten a partial just thinking about her wearing it. As she was getting dressed and made up Bob and i were talking and i was explaining to him about our previous failed attenpts at a 3some. He then asked if she would mind seeing a porn on the tv when she came down stairs to join us. I told him to go ahead and "whats the worst she can say, its your house". He put in one that was all mmf's and very tastefully done, for a porn anyway. When she came down tge stairs i will never forget the way she looked.
She is about 5'8, mostly legs, 115 lbs, long blonde hair and hot when she dosnt try, when she really gets dolled up she can pretty much make me blow without touching me and gets every man to look twice that sees here. She was looking so good in a light floral dress that swayed with every step she took in her heels with ankle straps and she had on tan nylons which is my biggest fetish. She got to the bottom step and Bob and i were both speechless, then Bob said "looks like your gonna have a good night later tonight" to me. My wife replied "do not count yourself out yet Bob". My jaw dropped and i could see he was floored by her comment. She seen what was playing on the tv and started to discuss our previous attempts at it and told him that she just didnt feel comfortable with the other men we had tried with. She then walked very sensually over to Bob sitting on the couch, sat down next to him and said "not anywhere near as comfy as i am around you anyway" and slowly slid her dress up her legs and showed that she was wearing thigh high stockings and a garter belt (my favorite). At that point on the movie a new scene had started with the lady sitting on the couch and two men sitting down next to her, one on each side. She motioned for me to sit on the other side of her. I could see she was getting that insatiable look in her eyes and did as she wanted. Once i sat down next to her she asked if we needed our drinks refilled, she slowly got up and shook her ass sexually at us as she went to the kitchen. When she returned she handed us our drinks and did a quick little dirty dance rite there, it wansnt a strip but she teased us good by slowly slipping her dress up and down revealing her stocking tops and quick glimpses of her lace panties. After a couple minutes she returned to her seat between us and started watching the movie again making dirty comments as sge watched. I did not want to push her as i was affraid she would get scared off so i let her just do what she wanted. The next seen was avout a lady who had to pay two repairmen with another form of payment. As this seen got going she started to rub my thigh and leaned over and wispered to me "is this alright with you baby" and i said yes, if your ok with it then do what you want, i am up for anything as long as you are comfortable. While i could see by the look in her eyes that she was very worked up. Bob had been sipping his drink and watching the movie while he also kept checking out the goddess we had between us. She seen the finally of the current scene on tv which was of the lady getting a double facial and my wife said "I have always fantasized about that happening to me" then she turned to Bob and asked "are you willing to give ME a shot?". I almost blew it rite there. Bob said he would do whatever he could for her. She returned to watching the movie and started rubbing my crotch, i began to rub my hand up her stocking clad legs to the lace tops but didnt go any further to make sure i didnt push her. Bob was just watching the show on the tv and couch when she said to him, "you look like your feeling left out and i can not have that, hows this" as she started stroking his thighs and crotch. He looked at me as if to adk if it was ok with me, i just gave him a big grin. I could see immediate relief in his eyes from my approval and my wife looked at me and grinned in a very sexual manner as she felt his shaft harden in her hand. She continued to rub our crotches but he had not touched her yet, she stopped rubbing me and grabbed his free hand and placed it on her thigh, she looked at me and asked me if i was ok with this and i said anything you want honey, its all for you baby. He seemed to relax and my answer seemed to set him at eaze. He started rubbing up her stockinged legs and as i was rubbing her thigh i felt her jump a tiny bit and start to grind her hips slightly, i looked to see his hand under what was left of her dress covering her legs and knew he had brushed her lips. This really got her going, we were taking turns giving her light quick rubs and retyrning to rub her thighs, the teasing was getting to her after about 15 minutes the scene on the movie changed again, now there was a gal on the floor facing two men on the couch, she slowly pulled out thier dicks and began kissing and sucking them. My wife said "that looks like fun" got up turned around and dropped to her knees in front of us. She started with working Bobs cock out of his pants a d stroked it while giving it little kisses while looking at me looking for a sign of my approval, i just winked at her and she knew i was ok with it. By the look in her eyes however i do not think it would have mattered what i thought at that point, she was gonna be taking us both if i wanted it or not. She then worked my rick hard dick out of its confinds and did the same to me for a couple minutes then in one nove she took all of me down and kept on with it for a little bit, then she went back to Bob, teased him with some pecs and licks before she devoured his tool. Watching her was pushing me close to coming and after a couple times sucking each of us she was back on me as she looked up at me with those fuck me eyes i couldnt take anymore and shot all i had in her mouth, she swallowed every drop, licked me off and went back to Bob. He had great stamina and she kept on sucking him. I could tell she wanted to taste his load also as she was really working it. I couldnt believe he hadnt came yet cause she was pretty great at blowjobs. After watching her on him for about 5 minutes and seeing that she was getting hotter and hotter she started rubbing me again and gave me a smile when she felt i was already back to full strenth. At that point i got off the couch, slid her dress up over her ass and began to play with her, as i rubbed her i could see it was affecting Bob also as she was squirming and moaning while i played which also seemed to make her even more into her sucking of his tool. I played for a couple minutes and could not take seeing her so hot and horny any longer so i slid my cock between her soaking wet lips, this was the wettest i had ever flet my wife. She was so wet wild and grinding so hard it only took me a couple minutes until i unloaded again deep in her. She stopped sucking Bob and looked at me with the most sensual look on her face, said i hope you have more for me hunny and went back to sucking Bob. I could not believe he had not filled her mouth yet but i was really enjoying watching her perform. I kept playing with her as she tried to get Bob to blow. Another 5 minutes or so had gone by when she stopped with Bob, gave his head a nice kiss and first asked me if it was alright if Bob fucks me, I said if she wants it to go for it, then the question that i swear i can still hear, she asked him "would you like the top or bottom?". He said the top, then she told me to sit down on the couch, me expecting for her to ride me then him but to my surprise she slowly slid my hard cock in her ass. We had tried anal a couple times but she said it made her hurt so i didnt even try for it but tonight she was so wet and hot she had no problem taking me all the way in her back door in one motion. She slid up and down on me a few times to get used to it then looked at Bob and said "well you wanted the top, don't make me wait any longer, I have wanted this since we got here". With that Bob climbed on top and slowly slid between her hot wet lips. After only a few pumps from him i felt her shudder as she came but once it had subsided she was even more wild, grinding like i never knew she could. It didnt take long before i blew my 3rd load into her ass but kept it in her while he pounded her into another orgasm. That was about all Bob could take and he shot his load into her which set her off one more time. We laid like that for a minute or two then he got up and sat next to her while she was still trying to get another shot out of me. She was still ready for more but Bob i think was drained from her. It was getting to be early morning and he had made plans with some other buddies for the day. Just then my wife noticed the lady on the dvd get a double facial, she looked at us both and said "i still want two guys to come on my face to", I said i was still up for it but Bob said he was already running late so he had to get going. Bob told her next time he will leave the next day open now that he knew she was a hotwife and give her the double facial but not this time and appologized for it. We got dressed and left for home, when we got there we discussed what took place and played for the next couple hours. I did end up giving her a facial but after cumming so many times that night there was not alot left in me for it. She said next time that she is gonna get that first. After talking with her about it i did find out that Bob had blew his load in her mouth twice, i knew he had to have by the way she went into overdrive when i started playing and pumping her. No one could have got that treatment from such a gorgeous woman and not have cum at least once. Shortly after that night we moved from the Minneapolis area up North and lost contact with Bob however that night is still the hottest thing i have ever been a part of. We have tried a couple times while up here but have not been able to find someone she can trust and be comfortable enough with and that i get along with also. Until we do i still have the memories of that night. My only regret is i did not get it on video, next time i will be ready to take pics and video. And Bob, if your reading this, look us up. It would deffinatley be worth the 4 hour drive up here for you.
B & T.
Poster: B & T