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Sweet dare


Sharing My Japanese Wife
Some years ago when I was a single guy in my late 20's living and working in Japan for a few years I met a 22-year-old Japanese woman named Keiko who I fell in love with and for three months we had a passionate romantic relationship, then, as planned, she left for Sydney, Australia to study English and I was to meet up with her there later in the year after I tied up loose ends. Keiko was sexually experienced but only with one man and had just come off a long-term relationship with him when we met but was still seeing him from time to time and I suspected he was pressuring her for sex and she was giving in unwillingly. When I arrived in Sydney she met me at the airport and then we went directly to a downtown hotel where the sex continued. I loved fucking her small lithe body with her thin limbs and could never get enough. Even the lightness of her body was a turn on. The next day we moved into a large high-rise condo she shared with some other Asians who were studying English and we had our own bedroom, of course. Soon we were enjoying the condo's indoor pool where she introduced me to a teenage boy named Jason. I thought they were a little flirty in the Jacuzzi splashing water on each other but let it go. For the next week or so I'd see Jason at the pool, or sauna or gym and sometimes in the evenings he'd come over to watch TV with us. I didn't think much of it. Then one night she confessed that they had been having sex right up until I arrived. For a moment I was hurt but then as I pumped her for details I got hornier and hornier and ended up fucking her more intensely than I ever had. It was if I was in heat; I had never experienced anything like it and I wanted more. Over the next few weeks I'd press her for more details before and during sex and she was happy to oblige because she liked the sex it produced. Jason was a good-looking kid, the kind of good looks only a teenager can have: not a boy anymore but not yet a man, a face that was made for the cover of teen idol magazine, a long, lean, smooth broad-shouldered body with so little fat that his muscles rippled under his skin with every move. I'd imagine his thick, light-brown hair falling into his grinning face as he spread Keiko's thin legs to insert his clean teenage cock into her tight, tight pussy. And believe me, it was tight, the tightest pussy I had ever had. She said Jason found it even tighter as he had more girth than me and could never get it in as deep as his teenage lust demanded. Was he turned on by her clean smell, a smell that is unique to Japanese women, like I was? I imagined he was as he worked her pussy with his cock as only a horny teenage boy out of control can do. I'd then imagine Keiko's thick black hair falling about her face as she worked the head of his dick then down the shaft then back up to the head again, her pushing her long hair out of her face before he came in her mouth. She told me they had met at the pool and he had thought she was a teenager too, saying that Australian women her age are never as petite as she. Things moved fast after that as they spent their days and nights together fucking in the Australian winter. Keiko was finally free of both her Japanese boyfriend and the restrictive Japanese culture and told me she simply went out of control with desire. She would suck his cock almost every day and let him cum in her mouth or on her face, something that she didn't like to do with me. She said she loved having someone completely focused on her, obsessed with her even, yet someone she could control easily through sex or just a word. After sex Jason would often pick up a gaming device and then she would realize he was still a child but that didn't stop her from fucking her boy-man. He begged to let him fuck her in the ass but she always refused instead letting him go at her from behind relentlessly holding her thin arms or narrow shoulders, small back or tiny waist. These were the stories she told me night after night as I pumped her hard. It was amazing: I had never before been the sexual machine I was when I listened to her stories, and she loved it. After Keiko confessed to me she told Jason he couldn't come around anymore and honestly I missed seeing him, wondering what it would be like to be in the bed with the two of them as he freely played out his teenage desires. But it was not to be: we left for Perth and never saw Jason again.

Day after day we spent at the beaches of Perth and the intense Western Australia sun turned Keiko's skin almost black except where her bikini kept it covered. Sometimes three times a day I'd fuck her smooth tanned body, relishing the smallness of it as she grabbed my thick dark blonde hair and wide tanned shoulders. Sometimes she would willingly tell me of her times with Jason but often I'd have to ask and she obliged, loving the hard and fast thrusts her words incited.

Months later we were back in Japan, she pregnant, and we got married. A handful of years passed and we were happy parents but it wasn't long before old desires resurfaced, this time with a young Brit called Mark.
Keiko liked meeting foreigners and before long they were friends. She told me that Mark was wanting sex and she was asking me for permission. I think she knew I would say "yes" and I am sure she was hoping I would, not only for the sex with the Englishman but for the crazy wildness it produced in me. They then started fucking every chance they got and she would come home to me, feeling a bit guilty I suspect and tell me all the details as I'd pound her over and over in excitement. I loved knowing that Mark had just been inside of her and that I could get her to cum again. Keiko often went to visit her single sister in Tokyo to get a break from the pressures of having a young child and would meet Mark who would be staying with a friend and they would fuck the entire weekend, but when she returned home she was all mine and I felt like a King. I only saw Mark once after he and Keiko became a couple and that was by accident at the entrance of a local department store. We didn't say much more than "hello" but the look in his eyes told me that he was enjoying my wife's hot petite body. I didn't think he was good looking at all with his skinny, out of shape body, pale skin, dark curly hair, and slightly bulging eyes. But I didn't have to. Keiko said he had a huge piece of meat that didn't get as rigid as mine and she liked the feel of it inside of her. Well, Mark moved away but the fun didn't end with him...

Keiko continued going to Tokyo to stay with her sister on weekends and the two of them would go to bars frequented by foreigners to meet men. Once she met a tall, blonde young German man in Japan on business one Friday night and when she wasn't sucking him off he was fucking her until Sunday morning. That story really got me going.

Another time Keiko and her sister went to Honolulu where she met a local player who had a thing for young hot Japanese women. He put her on the back of his bike and showed her the sights and in return for his hospitality Keiko let him use her body any way he wanted - and use it he did. When she got back and told me about it I thought it was the best souvenir I could ever get.

I wasn't always home alone when Keiko was out. There was a Japanese woman I had a crush on right before meeting Keiko that I hooked up with during her time with Mark and for months we would have sex in the back of my car or at the beach at night or in a hotel. She was small and lithe like Keiko with beautiful pale flawless skin. I still miss her and feel bad that I hurt her.

Some years later we moved to the USA and rented an apartment and soon Keiko was having sex with a black man married to a Korean woman in our complex. She didn't ask permission this time. She had never had black cock before and so couldn't help herself and only told me about it after the fact. She even washed the sheets like a good Japanese wife and we sullied them again as I went crazy with desire.

So you see, young Jason was the first of many for me - a crazy heated frenzy that would come over me when Keiko would fuck another man and tell me about it. I always encouraged her in this. I accept responsibility. And while I knew she enjoyed it, I really shared my wife for me, not her. Even though it has been a decade since Keiko's last encounter, I still fantasize about her being with another man. And sharing her only helped our marriage: there has never been an argument or even any bad feelings about it and we wonder why other couples ruin their marriages with jealousy.
Poster: Dirk