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Sweet dare


Adventures in cuckolding
My wife of 6 years was unaware of my desires until just recently.
I had read many horror story's about men telling their wife they wanted to watch her with another man but I had this desire that wouldn't go away and Linda and I had this open and above board sexual relationship so one evening I had been thinking about this all day and I couldn't wait to get her in bed that night.
Afterwards we laid together and she asked OK what is it that has been bothering you lately I know something is wrong so I confessed my desire to her and to my surprise she was just curious about why I wanted to watch her with another man and I began to babble like an idiot but I guess I made some kind of a point because she asked are you sure you could do that????
I had to admit that I was only fantasizing so far but yes I would like to try it at least once to see what would happen.
She said let me sleep on it and we will talk about it tomorrow we do have two kids at home you know we cant just bring a guy in here and tell them to go outside.
When I got home the next day she greeted me with a secret smile and whispered in y ear OK and I have an Idea.
She said she didn't want one of our friends so she thought it would be best if she let some guy pick her up in a bar and bring her home and I could hide in the walk n closet and watch.
I wanted it to happen right away and she was pretty excited about it to so we called my Mom and asked her to babysit the kids overnight Friday so we could go to Cash Creek to gamble and she was happy to do it.
Both of us were having our doubts but the excitement over ruled any argument we came up with so it seamed like forever when I dropped her off at the bar .
Linda was a bundle of nerves asking me how she looked and in her short skirt and almost see through blouse she looked edible and she gave me a nervous smile and a quick kiss and turned and hurried up to the door and looked one time more back at me then hurried inside.
I had promised to wait 5 minutes before coming back in and she had told me the signal would be when she turned her empty glad upside down she had picked her guy and they were going to leave so I had to hurry home.
Mi mind was in a turmoil I wanted to go inside and tell her I had changed my mind but agan I had fantasized about this for months now so I passed back and forth glancing at my watch every few seconds then I made my entrance and Linda was at the bar on a stool with a Cowboy talking to her and she was laughing at what he had said and I was overcome with jealousy seeing a stranger talking to her but I found a table where I could watch and ordered a beer and I sipped it then the band came back onstage and started out with Proud Mary and Linda was pulled out onto the dance floor and she gyrated with the best of them her hips swinging to the music and her breasts doing a dance of their own.
Linda loves to dance and she was pulled out to the dance floor with each song and I could see that she was letting these guys feel her up and grab her ass and pull her up against their hardons and she laughed a little breathlessly .
I was almost done sipping my beer and was about to order another when I had noticed that for the last few danced an older guy had taken charge of her and the others fell back Linda glanced over at me and she looked into my eyes then turned her empty glass upside down as he led her out to the dance floor.
I hurried home and made sure there was water in the closet and my chair was in place then went back downstairs to wait but they were already there coming up the walk way and Lind was holding onto his arm possessively looking up at him and talking so I dashed back upstairs and slid the closed door almost closed but to where I could see the bed and we had moved the dresser and mirror so I could see both sides of the bed.
I was breathing hard and I was sure he would hear me but when they came into the room he was so excited that he wouldn't have noticed if I was sitting in a chair beside the bed.
He pulled Linda to him and I heard his husky whisper god you are beautiful as he opened her blouse freeing her breasts then he pulled her to him and sucked her breasts growling like a dog as Linda laughed saying don't bite don't bite then he stood and pulled her up to him and kissed her with Linda standing on her tip toes her breasts mashed flat against his chest.
They kissed for a long time and I could hear him sucking on her tongue then he pushed her away and started to undress as Linda helped him then her skirt and panty's were on the floor to and he lifted her up and tossed her onto the bed as she laughed playfully but he was in to much of a hurry I got one glimpse of his cock when he stepped in between her legs and took her ankles and lifted he legs over his shoulders and Linda grunted when he entered her then in only seconds I heard their flesh slapping against each other and try as I might I couldn't see much more than his hairy ass spamming against her body and her breasts swinging in circles.

He lasted long enough for Linda to cum and she did very vocally then he came inside of her grunting like a dog then he just stood there with his eyes closed and a contented smile on his face.
After he finished cumminf he climbed up on the bed with her and laid back gently playing with her nipples and they talked about his wife and kids as Linda gently stroked his soft cock.
Linda sucked him hard and they fucked one mort time then he left and I cae out and Linda asked well what do you thik but I was pulling her legsapartlooking at his cum leaking out of her and she was grinning down at me then I fucked her in his cum.
Poster: Luckydog