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Early Playing days!

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Sweet dare


Early Playing days!
Decided to post a story from our early days of playing again. As I have stated in many of our stories she started playing with my best friend three months after we married. He was a year older than me which mad her four years younger than him. At the time she was twenty two. We lived in a older apartment complex with ten units with five upstairs and five downstairs unit.

We lived in the end unit upstairs. Right below us there was a lady named Wanda who lived there with her son Matthew. Never got the clear age as Matthew said nineteen and Wanda said eighteen. Wanda worked second shift in a mill and asked us to keep a eye on Matthew. Of course he said he did not need anyone to look after him especially a couple that was not much older than he was. Regardless we tried to help her out and a lot of times after meals I would go down and take him something or get him to come upstairs and eat.

This went on for a few months and Matthew warmed up to us and started hanging around and playing spades with us. Pretty much found out he was a good kid that was just a little rebellious. Wife was at the age where when she got home from work she put on a pair of shorts and most of the time back in those days a halter top. She was a thirty four b so she did not have to worry much about anything hanging out.

One night when Matthew was not around she mentioned she really needed a couple pair of shorts as she was tired of wearing the same couple of pairs. This was the pre Wal-Mart days so we headed I think a Howard Brothers back then and she picked out a couple pair of shorts. Got home and tired them on and she did not really like them. Anyway to make a long story short we decided to take a couple pair of worn out jeans and make her a couple pair of shorts.

She cut them and tried them on but I told her they were not short enough and I took the scissors and worked on them. It took me a couple of cuts but I finally got them where I told her they looked great on her. She put them on and they were cut showing quite a bit of butt cheek and with her sitting they most definitely showed in the front also. I told her they would probably would need to be worn without panties as a lot of her panty would show if she had some on. She gave me a look and said if I don't wear panties something else will be showing and mentioned these were probably not shorts she should be wearing around Matthew.

The next night Matthew came up to eat and we played spades. During the card game he asked was she able to get her some new shorts since it had been mentioned while he was there. She explained she did but did not like them so she was returning them . I of course said we did take some jeans and make he a pair though. Matthew gave me a look and said you made shorts. I told him that we made shorts out of some of her old jeans. She then said she was still in the same shape since I went cutting crazy with the scissors she could not wear them when anyone was around. Matthew not even thinking said you can wear them anytime I am over as I am almost like family. She smiled nervously and said not these.

We paused our game actually talking about her shorts so I told her to go put them on and let Matthew see them. At first she said no way but finally said I will put them on just for him to see them but then I am changing. So she was gone for a few minutes and then came back in with the shorts on and she had changed into a halter top also. I think without even thinking when she came back in the room Matthew said wow nice shorts. I told her to turn around and when he saw the back of them he said holy hell those are nice and asked what was wrong with them. She turned back around and said they show way too much. He said well I think they look great on you. She said thanks and I told her to sit back down they are fine and we cane go back to playing.

We always play card sitting around a coffee table so when she sat back down on the couch and cut a glance over and saw she had worn a pair of panties with them and you could see the blue panties on both sides of the legs sticking out. So I brought it to Matthews attention motioning to her and said that's why she says she cant wear them. Matthew looked over at her and said oh wow those are really nice shorts. She again mentioned they are a little too short. Later on when Matthew went home we got to talking about the shorts and she told she could not believe she even put them on and let him see them and added plus he saw my panties. So I said well next time you need to wear them without the panties. This got a yea right out of her.

A couple nights later Mathew was back over and we started playing cards and just a few minutes in he asked her no special shorts tonight. She laughed and said you are too young to see my special shorts anymore. Matthew said I am eighteen and she again she but still too young. We played a little longer and he started again and said come on go put on the special shorts. You have to remember no matter which age he is she is still only a few years older than he is so naturally he was flattering her. She still put up a slight resistance but finally said if I got put those shorts on will you be happy and concentrate on the game. He told her yes he would.

She was gone a few minutes and came back with the shorts on and this time a halter top that just simply molded to her body. She came over and stood beside me and asked was he happy I immediately noticed she had put them on without panties. When she sat back down across from us I noticed Matthews eyes got wide and I glanced over and on each leg of the shorts you could see skin and then the neatly trimmed hair on each side. Her nipples were also hard. I knew Matthew was no longer interested in the game but we had to keep playing for him to have this view. At one point he had to run down to their apartment and she told me that I hope I knew that I owed her because doing this had made her super excited. I smiled and asked could she pull them a little tighter. She told me if she did then a lot more would be exposed. I just said do it before he comes back.

So she did it and her lips were not literally visible on each side. Matthew came back up and sat back down and his eyes immediately went to the crotch of her shorts and I heard a oh dam. Over the next thirty minutes or so she teased him unmercifully to the point he had to "adjust" several times. We finally gave up on the card game and sat there and talked until she finally said okay that is enough of my showing off tonight. Matthew said so you know you were showing off and then asked was I okay with her showing off and she told him yes on both accounts. Matthew then said so if you will let me see what I have saw is there a chance you would let me see you naked. She answered probably wont go that far Matthew.

She told him we were heading to bed and calling it a night so he headed on out. As soon as the door was locked she was all over me and she was absolutely soaked. So I took care of her well and we talked as I did with it mostly being about how sure he was of himself by asking was there a chance he could see her naked. She then added he has saw a lot more than I thought I would show him. I played the advocate and said not really. She came back with he has seen everything you are seeing now but with just a thread of denim covering up part of me. She quickly came back with do you want him to see me naked. I answered that she knew that answer. She got quiet for a minute and then said go down and get him but all I am going to do is let him see me. I asked all of her and she said if that's what you want.

I went down and knocked on the door and hear Matthew rustling around and he told me just a minute. He came to the door in a pair of boxers so I was pretty sure he was doing something. I asked did he want to come back up for a little bit. He said sure what's up. So I told him I talked her into letting him see her naked. He could not believe it. Told him to put some pants on and come on up. He followed me up and we walked back to the bedroom and she had the covers pulled up to her chin but I noticed all her clothes were still laying on the dresser. She talked for a few minutes about no one could know about this and made him make some promises and once he did she moved the covers down to her waist and let him get a look of her small but perky tits. He gave her all the compliments. She then kicked the cover down off the end of the bed and Matthew was seeing all of her now. More compliments and he was the one that asked could he see her butt. So she rolled over and put her face in the pillow and laid there.

I reached down with my hand and kind of pushed on her inner thigh and she spread her legs. Matthew said man she is beautiful and made a comment that she looked much hotter than the younger girls. She turned her head and said Matthew I am not that much older than you are. She asked was it okay for her to turn back over and I said sure. When she did she sat up Indian style on the bed but still completely naked. She was laughing and told him not to get any ideas as she was not going to start playing cards naked. This got a laugh from Matthew and as me and him was standing beside the bed she reached over and rubbed her hand across the front of his pants and said something like oh my you are excited about seeing me. He just froze. She smiled and then said since you have seen all of me I think you should let me see you. Matthew glanced over at me and said is that okay and I told him she was asking not me.

So he pushed his shorts and boxers down to mid thigh and he was rock hard and sticking straight up. She again reached up and rubbed him again and said very nice Matthew.
Poster: Greg