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Early Playing days! Final
Early Playing days!

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Sweet dare


Early Playing days! Final
She realized she had already crossed the line by letting Matthew see so much of her but really crossed it when she started playing with him. But as I reminded her later she had been playing with my best friend for months and she was only a few years older than Matthew and he was of legal age.

She continued to sit Indian style on the bed completely naked as Matthew had his pants down around mid thigh as she played with him. Matthew had kept his hands to himself to this point. At this point she had gotten a little dramatic with Matthew you are so young and I cant believe I am doing this. So this time Matthew reminded her that she was only four years older than he was. She smiled and said but I am a married woman. He came back with yes a smoking hot married woman. He might have only been eighteen but he knew the right things to say.

She then asked Matthew had he ever had oral done on him. He laughed and said are you asking if I have ever had a blowjob then the answer is yes I have a few times but added but never from a married woman. She then looked up at me and asked was it okay and I shook my head yes. She leaned over and took a little of him in her mouth before leaning over a little more and then taking most of him in her mouth. Matthew now had his eyes closed as she gave him a full fledged blowjob. My young wife had now had three cocks in her mouth in just our first six months of marriage. She only slowed up to tell him to let her know before he does (as she was not and has never been one to swallow). He did as she asked and tapped her shoulder and she took her mouth off him and started rapidly jacking him till he came all over the edge of the bed. Afterwards she cleaned him up and talked to him again about keeping this between us if he wanted it to happen again.

He left to go back down to their apartment and we talked about it with her thanking me and telling me she did not think she would go through with it but it was exciting and very hot to her. We talked more and I brought up that she had told him to keep it quiet if he wanted it to happen again. She gave me a look and said I just assumed you would want it to happen again and that's why she said it. I assured her it was all good and I thought it was very hot myself. I also reminded her that Matthew was her third guy that she has had in her mouth in our six months of marriage. She quickly said no way and that she had only had two Ricky and now Matthew. I gave her the I don't count thing and really embarrassed her.

The next night she told me right after work that she did not want to play cards that night (thinking she was too embarrassed to see Matthew) so I told her it was fine so I took a plate down to Matthew. His first question was are we going to play cards tonight and I explained she wanted to pass. When I got back up I let her know he looked disappointed. We watched television for a while and snuggled on the couch until she went and changed into a baby doll nightie that looked super hot on her. She laid back against me again and we were not really saying much when she said you really wanted Matthew to come up tonight didn't you. I let her know it was all good as I was not really wanting to play cards anyway. Nothing said for a few minutes and then she said but you wanted him to still come up didn't you. I admitted that I had thought about it.

She then said do you want to go down and get him. I told her sure. I got up and she asked was it okay to keep the nightie on and I told that would be great because it would be less to take off anyway. Matthew was very happy to see me and quickly accepted the invite to come up. We walked in and she was stretched out on the couch in the nightie and it basically showed everything. She got up off the couch and hugged him and then walked in the kitchen letting him see her butt. Once she came back she asked him about his supper and then asked did he want another blowjob. Matthew did not say yes but did ask her what his options were. She laughed and said what do you mean your options. Matthew said can I have something other than that.

She called me to the bedroom and said you know what he wants don't you. I laughed and said of course and then added he wants the same thing you want. She gave me a look as what and I said you know you want him to fuck you. Guess she was trying to justify it and said well we have been letting Ricky do that for a while now. I quickly told her I had no problem with it I wanted her to fuck him last night. So I followed her back out to the living room and she said Matthew what are you wanting nd he told her he wanted her. She asked again in what way and Matthew kind of hem hawed. She was not as free with the word as I was so she said Matthew do you want to do me and he said yes. So she said okay but you have to promise to pull out (puzzling because she was on the pill and she let Ricky cum in her)but he quickly agreed.

We all three went to the bedroom and she undressed Matthew completely and then took her nightie set off. She sat down on the edge of the bed and sucked him for a few minutes before pulling him up on the bed between her legs. She reached down between them and guided Matthew in and he started off slowly but after a few minutes was really giving it to her to the point she told him to be easy and slow down a little which he did. He kept it up until he quickly pulled out just in time and shot all over her belly. I got her a towel and then she got up and got a warm wash rag and cleaned him up. We sat there in the bedroom and she started talking to him and mentioned that tonight was not the first time he had done that and Matthew told her like the blowjob he had done that a few times too.

She asked me to get them something to drink and when I walked back in she was laying beside Matthew playing with him and he was already hard as a rock already again. So after a few minutes of playing she got up and straddled him and if I remember right he fucked for at least thirty minutes to the point she was covered in perspiration and finally rolled off and laid beside him. Off and on over the next couple of months they played on a regular basis. One night Matthew said he won four tickets to a popular theme park on the radio and wanted the three of us to go. Without even thinking about it I told him we could go up on Friday and I would get a room and we could spend all day Saturday at the park.

Friday night turned into all nighter for them to the point we did not go to the theme park until about two the next afternoon. That night was also the first night that she did not let him pull out and he never had to again after that night. The playing went on for nearly two years until Matthew started dating. It still happened but only every so often. He finally asked the girl to marry him so there last get together was the night of his bachelor party where she spent the night in a motel room with Matthew and his best man. The plans were of course just with Matthew but after there party Matthew finally called around midnight and told her that Brad (who we knew) had decided that he was staying the night with Matthew so he guessed that they would not be able to get together. She was disappointed but told him she understood.

Maybe thirty minutes later our phone rang again and it was Matthew. He got her on the phone and asked would she consider staying the night with him and Brad. She asked how much did Brad know and Mathew told her that Brad knew they had been having sex for a while and that Brad was the one that asked would she consider doing both of them. She told him she would call him back and talked to me about it In the end she decided to do it and said she was so glad she did.
Poster: Greg