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P’s Honeymoon & Denny’s 1st Nude Beach
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Being on the other end...
Anne And James Invite Tyrone for Christmas Day Dinner
We Met a Goddess
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Early Playing days!

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Sweet dare


We Met a Goddess
Mandy and Jack here to tell you of our new friends and our New Year’s Eve with them.

Mandy: It all started 2 days after Christmas when I took Little Jack with me to check out some after Christmas sales. On our way home, my SUV had a flat tire. I managed to pull over to the side of the road and called Jack (I hate to admit but I’m one of those females who have no idea of how to change a tire, but that’s all changed). Unfortunately, Jack could not get away from the office as he was working with his staff on a huge rush project. He suggested I call AAA.

Just as I was starting to dial AAA, a car pulled up behind me and put its emergency flashers on. A strapping man got out and asked if he could assist as he saw Jake (Little Jack) in his car seat. I explained I had a flat tire and had no idea how to change it. He introduced himself as Ken and said he would be happy to help.

It didn’t take him that long to change it out and said he would follow me home to make sure the donut tire held up. He seemed very nice and I had to say that he was a very good looking hunk, so I agreed and drove carefully home.

Once at the house, I thanked Ken and insisted on repaying him for his trouble and he refused. I kept insisting and said that the least I could do was fix him dinner for him. He said that he would have to check with his wife, bust since they just moved to the area and only lived a couple of blocks away, he said it sounded good. He called his wife and she said that dinner sounded good as they were not yet unpacked and didn’t know anyone in the area, so it was all arranged.

I called Jack and told him and he said he would make sure he was home in time.

Jack got home about 6pm, showered and dressed. I was already busy cooking. At 7pm sharp, Ken and his wife arrived and all Jack and I could say when we saw her was WOW! I’ll let Jack describe her, Deena and I want you to know that I totally agree with his description.

Jack: When Mandy told me that Ken was a hunk, I didn’t expect that much of a hunk. I’m 6’2” and Ken had to have been at lease 6’4”. He was quite muscular and very handsome. He reminded me of one of those good-looking athletes you see on commercials.

When Deena walked into the house, all I could do is stare. Both Mandy and I agree that she is the most beautiful and gorgeous woman either of us have ever seen. On the proverbial scale of 1-10, Deena was at least a 25. I guess she stood about 5’9” couldn’t have weighed more than 115 pounds. She had long blonde hair (I assumed natural because no difference at the roots and it matched her eyebrows) that went down to her thin waist. She was wearing a dress that came to the top of her knees, but from what I could of legs, hey were perfect. She had the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen and I swear they sparkled when she smiled. Her face was beyond beautiful and perfect. I’ve seem depictions of a goddess of love before, but none of them came close to Deena.

We got to know each other over dinner and learned that they had just moved her a few days ago and that Ken was looking for work. He is a software developer with the kind of skills my company needs, so I hired him and picked him the next day on the way to work and introduced him to the rest of my staff.

Mandy: I spent the next couple of days helping Deena unpack and set up her house. I learned that she is originally from Sweden, but unlike other Swedes I’ve met, she is very shy, reserved and modest. Since P and Denny were away on their honeymoon, I invited them over for New Year’s Eve and they accepted.

On New Year’s Eve, they arrived for dinner and afterwards we began to play some cards. Deena is also not used to drinking, but Ken fixed her some kind of drink that she liked, without realizing that it had alcohol in it. After her second drink, she was already getting giddy.

I heard Jake fussing so went to tend him. I changed his diaper and brought him out with the rest of everyone. Jake was hungry and without thinking, I raised my top, opened up one side of my nursing bra and nursed Jake while we played cards.

Deena seemed shocked and asked if I was embarrassed to nurse him in front of Ken and I said not at all since breastfeeding is natural and nothing wrong with it. She asked me if it felt different than when Jack sucked on my breast and I said it was different and that it felt really great but in a different way than when Jack does it. I then asked if she would like to try and she said she didn’t have any milk and I told her that Jake would still try and suckle. Deena turned quite red at the offer, but Ken encouraged her to try and combined with the effects of the alcohol, she agreed. She unbuttoned the front of her dress and since she was wearing front fastening bra, she unfastened it, exposing her breasts and then I handed Jake over to her and he instantly went for her nipple and began sucking.

Jack: Remember when I said Deena was perfect? When she unhooked her bra, she revealed a perfect set of breasts that I would guess were either a large c or small d but there was very little sag and she had puffy aureoles that added to the allure. I was glad I didn’t have to stand up because I was rock hard.

Mandy: Jake tried to nurse from one of Deena’s breasts, but not getting anything, he switched to the other. I had already fed him, so he fell asleep still suckling as babies often do. Deena just sat there smiling and said it did feel different than when Ken does it and she liked it a lot. A few minutes later, Jake came off her nipple and Deena just sat there cradling Jake in her arms, leaving both breasts exposed.

Jack: I couldn’t help but stare and Ken knew it. I tried looking away and Ken whispered to me that it was okay to look and that he had enjoyed seeing Mandy’s breasts and it was only fair. Mandy and Deena were busy talking and not paying any attention to us as Ken continued whispering that this is a first for Deena exposing herself to anyone but him. He said he has tried to encourage her to dress sexier but she is so proper that she refused. I told him that Mandy was that way at first, but now she’s more open and that she’s even enjoyed going to a nude resort. That definitely got Ken’s attention.

Finally, Mandy took Jake and put him to bed and Deena re-fastened her bra and buttoned up her dress and looked very embarrassed. Ken fixed her another drink and when that was almost gone. He suggested we play something more risqué. Deena was in a state not to refuse, so we broke out a stripping game we had and began to play.

Over the next hour, all four of us were naked and instead of being embarrassed, Deena was laughing and giddy. Ken told her to dance to the music that was playing and I sat there and watched this naked goddess dance around the room. And yes, she was a natural blonde.

When Deena was done dancing, Mandy asked both of them if they would like to taste her milk and Ken was all for it. He encouraged Deena to try first, so Mandy stood next to Deena and put a nipple to her mouth. Deena began to suck and then smile. A few moments later, she said that it tasted really good, better than cow’s milk. Then Mandy moved over to Ken and let him suck some milk. I noticed that while he was sucking on her breast, his hand rested on her butt and that turned me on. Ken then told Deena to let me suck on her breasts like Jake had, so she did and I eagerly took in a nipple and started sucking. Like Ken did with Mandy, I put my hand on Deena’s butt, only I couldn’t help but feeling all over her sexy butt.

Deena moaned as I sucked on her breast and felt her butt. Ken noticed and seemed to be okay with it as he continued to enjoy sucking on Mandy’s breast and feeling her butt. I noticed that his hand was moving down her butt and disappearing between her legs.

Mandy: Ken’s hands were strong and his touching of my butt made me tingle and get very moist. His sucking on my breasts turned to me kissing them back and forth and even between them. I did nothing to discourage him and hoped he would do more. When he fingers touched my pussy, it sent shocks through my body and made me want him to put them inside me and when he did, I couldn’t hold the orgasm back. When I finally opened my eyes, I saw that Jack was busy fingering Deena, who had her eyes closed and head hung back. A few moments later, her moans got louder as her body shuttered with her orgasm.

Many men have found me attractive and sexy, but when I looked at Deena and her perfect body, I felt plain and almost jealous.

Jack: seeing that Ken was fingering Mandy, I took the liberty of fingering Deena. She was dripping wet and I quickly worked 2 fingers insider her and brought her to a strong orgasm. I had to hold her body with my free hand to steady her. When she stopped her orgasm. I sat her on my lap and on my cock. She slid right down on me and she felt tight and good. I realized that I was looking straight at the breasts of the most gorgeous goddess on earth as my cock was sunk deep up in her pussy. I looked up into her eyes and they sparkled like cut topaz. She giggled, leaned into me and whispered to me to take her now. I didn’t need any further invitation and began to bounce her up and down on my cock. Then I heard Ken say that she really likes it from behind. I looked over and saw that Ken had Mandy bent over and was busy pumping her from behind, so I bent Deena over and entered her from behind. Entering her felt almost better than pumping her, so I pulled out and the re-entered over and over again until I felt like I was getting close to exploding, so I rammed it into her as deep as possible and held it there. Then I felt her pussy clamp around my cock as I saw her eyes roll back in her head and her body convulse. That was enough to send me over the edge and I shot spurt after spurt deep into her.

Mandy: The way Ken had me bent over, I had a clear view of Jack and Deena. As firm as her breasts are, they still swung with Jack’s rhythm of plowing into her. I knew that Ken could see them also and when I saw Deena orgasm, I felt Ken’s cock swell and then felt that great feeling of hot fluid filling my insides. It was enough to send me to another orgasm and as I did, I could feel Ken’s sperm gushing down my legs as my pussy forced it out.

Jack: I looked at the clock and saw that it was after midnight. I told the others and Ken said it was a great way to ring in a new year and we all agreed. Mandy suggested we clean up and grabbed Ken’s hand and led him to the shower in our bedroom. I grabbed Deena’s hand and led her to the shower in the guest room. We soaped each other up and I felt privileged to be able to run my hands all over her perfect body and was soon hard again. Deena grabbed some soap and proceeded to soap me until I shot another load all over her hands and belly. I pulled her to me and we kissed long and hard. Then we finished the shower and I enjoyed drying her off. Then we went downstairs and got dressed.

Mandy: Once in the shower with Ken, our hands were all over each other. I soaped his muscular chest and then his cock while he soaped my breasts and then the rest of me. Soaping his cock brought him to an erection. He grabbed me with his strong arms, lifted me and the settled me on his cock and proceeded to take me again. Just before he was ready to cum, I got down and took his cock in my mouth and began to suck him until he shot his hot load down my throat. We finished our shower, got dressed and headed back downstairs to our clothes and the others.

Jack: Before they left, Ken told me that this has been a fantasy of his for some time, but Deena also said no way. He just hoped that when she sobers up the next day that she won’t be too upset.

Mandy: We said our goodnights and Jack told Ken he would pick up Wednesday morning on the way to work. we cleaned up and headed to bed, talking about our new friends and Jack’s new employee. I asked Jack what it was like to have sex with a goddess and he said it was great but not as great as with me. I kissed him and cuddled into his arms. Before going to sleep, I agreed with Jack that Deena was indeed the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen and that she looked like a love goddess.

Mandy: Deena called me this afternoon (New Year’s Day) and asked if she really got naked, danced and had sex with Jack and I told her it was true. She told me she wasn’t sure she could ever face us again and I assured her that she did nothing wrong and that we don’t think bad of her. I told her that we hoped to keep a long friendship. She asked if I was sure and I told her I was. To prove it, I invited them for dinner on Saturday and promised no mixed drinks. She chuckled, said thanks and we set a date for me to take her shopping the next day for groceries and household item while the guys are at work.
Poster: Mandy & Jack - friends of P J