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Anne And James Invite Tyrone for Christmas Day Dinner
We Met a Goddess
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Early Playing days!

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Sweet dare


Anne And James Invite Tyrone for Christmas Day Dinner
This is a story of how an act of kindness changed my life. My sexual needs and relationships would be changed forever.

I had just graduated from college to become a radiologist. I was 22 years of age and already married. I am 5'2", petite, brunette , large breasts for my little body, and my husband likes my bubble butt. As soon as I graduated I was working at a hospital in town.

Tom is 27 years of age, 5'9" thin, muscular, and has black hair. He is a construction engineer. Tom is a good guy who loves me.

My story begins at the hospital. I work in radiology. That's XRay, MRI, and CTSCAN.
Sometimes I have to go to the patients rooms with portable XRay machine cart. I met Tyrone in the room. He is the Maintainance supervisor. He smiled and said hello. I said Hi.

That afternoon I was having a late lunch because I had been so busy. Tyrone saw me and asked if he may sit with me? I said ,"of course welcome." Tyrone introduced himself. I did the same. His name tag had his job title as Maintainance Supervisor. I told him he has a nice accent. He thanked me. He said he is from Jamaica. He is college educated. In his 40's and not married. He said he came to the USA to make good money, He sends money to his mother in Jamaica so she would be able to keep her home.

Tyrone said he thought Anne was special for talking to him. Anne said she had brown neighbors when she was growing up. She went to school with a mix of races. She said the kids got along.

Now Tyrone understood why he felt comfortable with Anne as she accepted him. Over a period of time their friendship would grow.

Anne and James talked about having a threesome or MFM. James wants whatever Anne wants. She said she knows someone at work who is a Supervisor. He is nice and respectful. She also expressed a concern about getting pregnant. Anne said condoms end up lost or not being used. She said she is concerned about how effective the pill is with other partners.
James said," what do you want to do Anne?"
Anne replied," How adamant are you about having children?"
James said," I am happy the way things are. I can get a vasectomy ."
Anne replied, "I am happy the way things are too. I can get my tubes tied."

They both agreed and kissed. Anne got on her knees. Unzipped James's pants.
She put his cock in her mouth using her tongue. Then pressing forward with her lips she does deep throat. He loves fucking Anne's throat and squirting her mouth full of his sperm. Anne swallows all of it, She licks his cock and ball sack clean. She loves sucking him getting him aroused

Both Anne and James have their life changing surgeries they had discussed.

Christmas will soon be here. They had a name drawing to let two extra people off in Anne's department on the day shift. Anne was one of the lucky ones to get Christmas Day off. When she went to lunch she told Tyrone about her name being drawn. He congratulated her. As a a supervisor he had the day off. He was happy for her.
Anne asked Tyrone,"what his Christmas Day plans are? "
Tyrone replied, " I will have a beer and a sandwich. I will watch TV.
Anne had tears as she said, " You should not be alone on Christmas Day. My husband said I was to invite you for Christmas Day Dinner."

Now Tyrone had tears. He said, " thank you. You two are truly friends."Anne gave him their phone number, address and to come at 12 Noon. She kissed him and said, "Merry Christmas."

Christmas Day the snow was coming down heavy. At noon there was a knock at the door. Both Anne and James welcomed Tyrone. Anne kissed him and James shook his hand. He removed his jacket and hat. Anne held his hand and led him to the couch where he sat down.

Anne asked him what he would like to drink? She said, "she has beer, Wray & Nephew with Ting. " He said, "Where did you find Ting and Wray & Nephew Rum. Anne told him the stores to shop in. Ting is a grapefruit soda that is mixed with the rum..
Tyrone said," He is very happy this Christmas to be with friends and having his favorite drink of his home island Jamaica."

Anne sipped a white wine and James had a 10 year old scotch with ice and water.
The guys talked sports and Anne was busy preparing the food to be served.

The food was served. They clinked their glasses together saying ,"Merry Christmas.

After a great meal prepared by Anne, James washed the dishes. Tyrone volunteered to wipe them. Anne took a shower and put her tight gym shorts on with her button short sleeve open shirt. She set her hair with a little ponytail on each side of her head. She is cute and a hot wife

Everyone sat down together watching TV. The drinks continued to flow. After awhile James had to use the bathroom. He winked at Anne which was signal to take Tyrone to the guest bed room. She took Tyrone's hand and led him to the room.

Anne pulled her clothes off. She helped Tyrone get his clothes off. Tyrone is panting and worrying about James. Anne said, " James will join us soon." Anne layed acrossed the bed on her back with her head over the edge of the mattress. She opened her mouth to deep throat his cock. Tyrone saw Anne's open mouth and pushed his cock into her mouth. He slow fucked her mouth until she had adjusted to his 12 inch thick cock. Anne hummed softly as Tyrone fucked her mouth and did deep throat . Tyrone whispered, "I love you Anne. I have never been with a lady as beautiful as you are and so sexually giving of your body. " Suddenly he started squirting her mouth. Anne's mouth quickly filled. She pulled away from his cock swallowing his sperm. She licked, sucked his cock and balls. He layed on the bed with her. She adjusted her body laying her head on a pillow. She continued using her tongue to stimulate his cock to bring it to erection.

Tyrone's 12 inch cock is fully erect again. Anne straddles Tyrone on her knees and raises herself to slide her pussy down on his cock. Anne felt his 12 inch cock for the first time. Anne whispered, " I love your cock. It feels so good. My vagina feels full and you complete me. I love you and your beautiful black cock." Tyrone kissed her, he French kissed her. He kissed, licked, sucked, her neck, breasts and nipples. At the same Anne rode his cock.

James joined them. He lubricated his cock and her anus. James slid his 9 inch cock into her ass. Anne made a loving hum as she felt her holes being stimulated together by two cocks. Both men increased their thrusts fucking her. Anne was making love sounds and loudly announced, " I'm cumming, OMG, I'M CUMMING!" Anne's orgasms were several and her body convulsed as the men squirted both her holes. Anne squealed, "YESSSS. OH YESSSS. SQUIRT ME. I LOVE YOU BOTH. DON'T STOP THE FEELING. Anne's ass and pussy were flooded with warm sperm. Both men held her and kissed her. They whispered their love for her. She replied, "I love you too."

James and Tyrone layed next to Anne. James had a spoon and a cup. He gave it to Tyrone. Anne pushed his sperm from her pussy. She asked him to spoon it into the cup. Also his sperm on her thighs. He did. She asked him to feed her his sperm. He smiled and marveled how she loved eating his sperm and smiling as she swallowed it.
When Anne finished Tyrone lovingly used his finger to clean the cum from the corners of lips and pushed his finger in her mouth. Anne sucked his finger clean like sucking his cock.

James and Tyrone took Anne to shower and bathe her. She bathed them.

Anne put her bikini on. The guys wore their under shorts. There would be more holiday food, drink and fucking.

Before leaving Anne and James that evening Tyrone had a gift for each of them. James's gift was a set of gold initialed on black onyx cufflinks. Anne was given a Queen of Spades choker with a medallion of gold initialed letter "Q" on a black onyx spade with matching earrings. The medallion signifies she is available to receive Black love. James and Anne thanked him.

Anne James, And Tyrone Vacation In Jamaica...cont'd
Poster: Anne Buckley