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Sweet dare


Being on the other end...
I've posted several stories about my wife and I having 3-some's,wife swapping and of her exposing herself to others. For those not familiar with our experiences. We got married when we were both 18 and soon we were having hot 3-somes and swapping partners.And my hot wife was exposing her sexy body off every time she had a chance.

But I was able to relate to how the guys she exposed herself to as well.I was a salesman for an exterminator.And would be going to strangers houses all day long 6 days a week.And I was surprised at how many other women liked to show off there bodies.

And a lot of these ladies were more than willing to take things further.I don't want to brag. But back then I guess I was pretty attractive to lonley housewive's. At 6-4 240 and 19 yrs old I considered myself as being above average in looks. I figured a few of them might have been attracted to me.

But then I got to thinking they had never seen me before.And were answering there door in sexy see through lingerie or in a towel.And they were the one's who had made the appointment.So they were going to open the door to a stranger having no idea who they might be.

My first experience was when I'd gone to a house to do an inspection for ant's. The woman who'd set up the appointment was in her mid 30's about 5-2 with a really nice body.Especially her big tits.She'd came to the door in a towel saying she was about to get in the shower. I offered to come back but she said no it was her fault that she'd forgot I was coming. Though I knew she'd called just a cpl hours earlier to confirm the appt.

It was about then she dropped her towel and I got to see her nude from head to toe.And saw she was a natural blonde.As she appologized and picked up her towel I tried to look away.But couldn't resist taking a few peek's at this sexy lady standing there in front of me nude.She about half way had the towel over those big tits.But I knew it was a show she was putting on just like I'd seen my wife do many time's.

She led me to the kitchen her sexy ass was swaying back an forth totaly bare.An has hard I'd tried to put her out of my mind my cock was rock hard.And she had to have seen it as it looked like I had a tent post in my pants.An I'd noticed she kept looking at my crotch.

She excused herself to put something on but soon returned in a totaly see through top like would come with a babydoll nightee.But no panties.An the top had only one of the tie's tied.I got on my knees looking under the sink as I was supposed to do an felt her hand on my back as she ask if I saw anything. An her blonde bush was just at eye level.But I told her so far I hadn't seen any ants.

As I was getting up she started saying how she'd called because she didn't know what to look for.And that her husband was gone all the time as a cross country trucker.I wasn't surprised when she said with him gone all the time there were a lot of things she'd been having to take care of on her own.As she reached down and rubbed her hand over her pussy. She went on an let me know exactly what she wanted then.

She still claimed dropping the towel was an accident. But said having a handsome young guy see her naked had gotten her really hot an said she knew it was wrong but she had to get some relief. Then said she could see I liked what I'd seen.And that she could make me feel so good.

There was no way I could pass this up an in no time we were in her bed and she was on top of me lowering her pussy on my face as she sucked my cock.We fucked in every way I could think of.And of course I fucked her big tits.But I ended up shooting my load all over her back. I took a quick shower an left for my next appointment.After she'd signed up for monthly pest control for one year.Though I hadn't seen one ant.

But over the four years I did that job.I'd had a cpl of dozen similar experiences.An after talking to other guys who worked for other companys.It was something that had happened to most of them.Though they said most of there's had just exposed themself to the guys.They had some offers for sex. But I think my young age made some of the women want to go further. And while I did have sex with some of them.There were those that I politely said no too. I wasn't in to grannies or hideos looking women.

And I told my wife about every experience. An i'm a lucky guy because hearing about my experiences really turned her on. An though I did run in to some less than attractive.I found most of them that wanted to go past just flashing me were quite attractive.But were just being ignored by there husbands. I think some were younger trophy wives who had married older men for money.An the older guys just wanted them to show off at social events.

But whatever there story was. I was more than happy of the added bonus I was in store for on occasion on my job.
Poster: Keith