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Sweet dare


Weekend fun game
As I mentioned in a previous story my wife and her/our live-in girlfriend and I always like to do something special at least once a week. Typically, during the week, I pretty much sleep alone after a blowjob or a quick fuck because of the hours I keep but from Friday night to Monday we share the same king-sized bed.

The three of us went out to dinner at one of our favorite places both ladies were dressed sexy, but tasteful, they sometimes choose between flashy or trashy as they referred to, they’re wardrobe selections either of which I am always pleased with. Barbra or Barb as she likes to be called was dressed in a red leather dress that was form fitting and accentuated all her perfect curves in black stockings and red heels. My wife Lori was dressed impeccably sexy wearing a black leather mini skirt which tightly covered her round ass which always garners almost as much attention as her perfectly shaped 38DD breasts supported by a black satin and lace bra that barely contained them a hint of which could be seen by her unbuttoning her red satin blouse just one button enough to titillate even the most conservative person regardless of their gender. To be flanked by these two beauties not only made me feel proud, but could only imagine being envied by other guys who most likely would have loved to have their wives dress so alluring.
As always, one of us was required to plan a special night of fun. So just before we left, I asked my girls so ladies what will it be A or B? The two giggled like a couple of giddy school girls and asked if they could first be excused to go to the ladies’ room before making their decision. Being the gentleman, I replied of course. The two got up from the table and sexily sauntered off to the powder room to do whatever it is ladies do there. When the two returned I didn’t even have to ask when my wife said we choose “A” I smiled and said excellent choice. I then reached into my pocket and handed each a small black velvet bag and instructed them not to open them here, but to return to the ladies’ room and come back when they were done. In each of the bags was a small wireless vibrator, small but very powerful designed for vaginal use, controlled by an app on my phone both had quite a good range. When the ladies returned, you both had an impish grin on their faces and my wife said I knew this was a good choice. As they sat down, I called the waitress over to order a round of drinks and I proceeded to activate first Lori’s then Barb’s vibrators. Each of their faces revealed the pleasurable feeling they were enjoying and Barb barely able to speak was stammering when placing her drink order.

My wife took advantage of the situation, telling the waitress that they would both have double dry martini’s. Knowing that a martini has wicked effects on Barb when consumed in excess. They were seated on either side of me leaning against my shoulders so I seized the opportunity to put an arm around each of my girls, my wife was now getting hornier by the minute and she leaned in kissing my neck, with her one hand she undid one more button of her blouse and he bra was in clear view of anyone looking in our direction. Barb was fidgeting in her seat a bit and placed one hand on my thigh and proceeded to rub my leg as she sipped her tunny as she liked to call them without warning she stuck her tongue in my ear and laughed. Lori leaned in and rubbed my cock through my pants and ran one hand over her breast softly rubbing her nipple. She whispered if we don’t leave soon, I’ll be topless.

Lori has very sensitive nipples I’ve teased her by just blowing on them and they immediately get hard but when Lori gets aroused her nipples become super sensitive, when her nipples are covered by her bra it usually comes off or is flipped down exposing her nipples which by then are rock hard and are quite large. To put it mildly, let’s just say she’s a big hit with the guys when she shops in the frozen food section or walks into an air conditioned room. She has never figured out why when we went to a new BBQ last summer place every one of the guys on staff came over to speak with us under the guise of being nice to new customers but in reality it was most definitely because of her protruding nipples straining against the thin material of her bra through her shirt and leaving nothing to the imagination, you’d have to have been blind not to notice.

I proceeded to order one more round saying ok one for the road ladies not that they had much say in the matter, but both agreed and made short work of their cocktails. As we got up to leave my wife made no effort to button her blouse and her melons were giggling as she walked to the door almost breaking free of their satin and lace restraints. When we got to the car, the two sat in the front seat with me as we pulled out of the parking lot my wife was kissing my neck and sticking her tongue in my ear as she played with the bulge in my pants while Barb proceeded to fondle her breast kissing her where ever she could occasionally my wife would turn and the two would kiss intently my wife’s tits now free from her bra Barb squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples which resulted in my wife letting out little squeals of pleasure. Next thing I knew without warning my said to me pull over I looked at her as to say what she just sternly yelled pull over. I did as she requested and as soon as I stopped, she told Barb to hop in the back seat of my SUV and with acrobatic precision the two had gotten into the back seat and my wife just said drive.
The two were intentionally making out and were intently removing each other clothing my wife from what I could see in the mirror was completely topless she tossed her bra and blouse in the front seat, I could hear the zipper on the back of Barbs dress being zipped down and Lori has assisted her in removing the top of the dress exposing her braless breast. They sucked each other breast and fingered each other for a while and next thing I know is Lori has her one foot on the headrest of my seat and the other leg spread so Barb can freely access to her pussy. I allowed the girls to have some fun because I knew what lay ahead for these two horny bitches.
My girls were getting it on in the back seat hot and heavy so as I pulled up to the next light alongside me was a jacked up 4x4 so without any warning I flipped on the back seat lighting and it got the attention of the young guy driving and had a full view of my lovely going at it. Without turning my head from my angle, I could see by angling the driver side mirror just so that I could see him clearly and he was fully enjoying the show, when the light turned green, I didn’t speed away but rather allowed him to keep pace with me as he continued to enjoy himself. The girls were so enthralled in their fun that they hadn’t noticed the guy now had his phone and was attempting to record they for some reason my wife opened her eyes, noticing the interior lights on and look straight at he guy and flashed him a smile and grabbed both of her melons and held them up so he got a good look, she fondled and caressed them and enjoyed teasing this guy whose cock was most likely ready to explode. She said we have an admirer and Barb looked up at her and then turned to look to see this guy with a big smile on his face, without even considering being recognized with was a slim possibility she sat up and turned to the guy and flicked her tongue at him and pulled on her nipples and then leaned in and started kissing Lori. This was totally unplanned, but the girls were thoroughly enjoying themselves. I asked them are you ladies’ game for a little action. Without hesitation, my wife exclaimed why the fuck not, so I pointed to this car wash up ahead on the right and he nodded. We both pulled in and I went around back out of sight and he followed me when we got around back, I put it in park and put the back passenger side window down without hesitation, he pulled up next to me and put his window down as well and leaned in and just said hey ladies. Both smiled at him never saying a word. They embraced and were kissing madly playing with each other’s tits and before long Barb had her fingers in Lori’s pussy. Lori began to moan loudly as she did Barb kissed her melons and sucked hard on her nipples. I noticed the guy had his phone in his hand and I started putting the window up and pointed at him and shook my head no. He instantly acknowledged my command and threw the phone on the seat I assume and put both his hands up as if to say look nothing in my hands. I put the window back down and he smiled and continued to enjoy the show. I did see one hand disappear and I only imagined he was playing with his cock. Barb was now back intently licking Lori’s pussy and Lori was letting out moans of approval and things like lick my pussy baby make me cum for our friend. The guy got a smile from ear to ear hearing that and he was watching more intently than ever. It didn’t take long before Barb brought her bestie to a screaming orgasm Lori firmly holding both her tits in her hands and was thrashing about, our new friend let out hell yeah make that bitch cum eat that pussy. This got the two even more excited and Lori began to shake and shutter and her whole body was shaking. I had completely forgot about the vibrators each girl had stuffed in their pussies which Lori later told me it was part of why she had such an intense orgasm, that along with the excitement of being watched by a stranger. Her orgasm had finally subsided, but she was still panting attempting to catch her breath, she had worked up a sweat for sure her legs still spread eagle giving our friend a full view of her soaking wet pussy both of her 38DD’s fully exposed the ladies young admirer said man those are the greatest pair of tits I’ve ever seen. Lori just smiled as she was unable to even let out a simple thank you as she was still recovering. She gathered up enough strength and looked Barb straight in the eyes and simply said go for it.
That female lover’s communication that often needs no words or very few, if any at all signaled Barb to go take care of their young friend. The two switched places and Barb exited by the driver side rear door where Lori was seated and ran around the back to the guy's truck, she hopped in the passenger side and pulled on his jeans and said get them off now. Before he could get his belt, undone Barb was pulling his jeans down. As soon as she could, she removed his almost fully erect cock and engulfed it in her mouth. Up until that moment beside her douchebag husband’s mine was the only cock she had been getting. When she spoke of her husband’s member all she said was it was lacking, and the girls used to laugh. I’ve been blessed with an above average male member the girls measured me for the first time in my life and besides being nine plus flaccid inches when its erect it’s as fat as a beer can, so they say. Well, my wife and I eagerly watch Barb go down on this total stranger, she engulfed his cock and began feverishly sucking him for all she was worth. When he placed his hand on the back of her head, she swiftly swatted it away and he totally got the message. It didn’t take long before she had his cock totally in her mouth. Getting Deep throated by a hot blonde was probably the furthest thing from his young mind when he got in his truck that night. He blurted out I want to fuck you so bad please let me fuck you lady. She stopped sucking his cock and looked him in the eyes and said do you have a condom? He stammered no I’m sorry she said no pussy for you then little boy. I think he tried his best to convince her by muttering a few pleads which Lori and I got a chuckle and Lori said he sounds like you on our first date or any of the guys who beg to fuck you I laughed. Barb continued to give this kid the blowjob of his young life, probably being more than twice his age meant nothing. I must admit that she sucks a good dick and I do thoroughly enjoy her blowjobs.

Well, she started bobbing up and down on his cock and grabbed the shaft and stroked as she sucked and then just grabbed his balls and attempted several times to slide a finger into his asshole. She told us later the ride home that he clenched enough to crack walnuts. She came up off his cock and looked him straight in the eyes and said relax and leaned in and planed a long-wet kiss on his mouth sticking her tongue that had to still taste of Lori’s juices into his mouth which seemed to have somewhat of a hypnotic effect on our young friend. He relaxed enough for Barb to slip her index finger all the way up his ass to his prostate. She began to massage it slowly and gently and looked at him and tenderly said see it, doesn’t it feel good, he murmured yes mam it does. She said you call me ma'am one more time and I’ll rip your balls off. She went back to sucking his dick and I said why don’t you go help your friend Lori looked at me and said really with an inquisitive look as she has never been with another man since we started dating and has had no desire to, I said sure why not.

She eagerly hopped out of our vehicle and made her way to the opened driver’s door of his truck. She climbed up on the running board and called for me to help her. I hopped out and assisted her by lifting her up by planting my hand firmly on her ass. She leaned in and kissed him a few times and put her tits in his face. He sucked her nipples and licked her melon’s, but Lori was not feeling very stable she called out for me to help her up and I have to admit her gym time had been paying off with a little boost from me she climbed up and straddle his face and before this kid knew what was happening she planted her pussy in his face, she later told me she leaned in to make it easier for him to find her pussy and when he did it she said his tongue felt like a rocket went off in her pussy. She started bucking her hips to assist in the tongue fucking she was getting, she told me she was going to help Barb and go down on his cock, but she was feverishly sucking him for all she was worth.

She looked over her shoulder and told me to help her down, let my gal have her fun. I told her are you sure you looked like you were enjoying yourself. She smiled and said you are a freaky one and we both got back in the truck and continued watching Barb. Lori reached over and tugged at my cock I immediately unzipped, and she began stroking my cock as we watched, we both knew by her increased pace and her head now bobbing up and down more rapidly than ever our young friend was about to blow his load. He started moaning loudly and without warning let out a loud grunt as he started to cum. We both knew Barb loved to swallow my cum but told us both how impressed she was when I would let her know I was about to blow, giving her fair warning where her ex “the jerkoff never did he would do his best to force his cock in her mouth when he came and that was something that really pissed her off.

Our young friend not so well schooled in blowjob etiquette gave no such warning, but our gal though took every drop of his load not wasting a single drop. When she totally drained his balls, she leaned in on top of him her finger still in his ass planted a deep kiss on his mouth spitting his load of cum almost entirely in his mouth. He was totally shocked by this and Barb simply said that’s how a woman gives a blowjob honey not one of your little high school tramps. As she stood up exposing her tits, she reached for them, but wisely hesitated, almost asking permission with his eyes. She willingly took his hand and placed it on her one breast, and he began to massage her nipple and gently squeezed her tit. She softly said I have two of them boy and they don’t like to be neglected

He now had a hand on each breast and was working them as she put it like he was kneading bread for Christ sake. She continued to finger fuck his asshole and in her sultry voice said now I bet you’ll always keep condoms with you wherever you go now won’t you. He replied oh hell yeah, I sure will. She removed her finger from his ass and leaned back and took one of his hands guiding it to her soaking wet pussy. She looked up at my wife and asked is it ok with you baby? My wife replied sure. Barb looked at him as she guided his digits into her pussy and cooed now doesn’t that feel wonderful. He was stammering and muttered out oh my god it feels fantastic. You should feel honored my pussy belongs to her and he’s allowed to fuck me only because I’m his second wife, now you could have been the lucky guy to have fucked me tonight. Totally lost for words, our young friend just continued to finger Barb’s pussy and play wither one breast. Barb had taken hold of his cock and began stroking it and could feel it starting to get hard. A benefit of youth, she had gotten him fully hard within minutes and we looked at each other I said to Lori I think she’s gonna fuck him. Barb lifted her hips up and positioned herself over his cock and was about to lower her wet pussy in to his cock but before Lori could respond, she stopped, he had a look like someone just ran over his puppy. She grabbed a piece of paper off his dash and snapped pen! He pointed and she scribbled down a phone number and said call me baby when you're more prepared and want to get fucked by a real woman.

With that, she slid back off him and jumped out of the truck and headed back to our vehicle, I think the thing that stupidly amazed me was that she was still wearing her heels. Why I noticed this while a bare chest blonde with tits bouncing as strutted back to my vehicle and hopped in the backseat. Without skipping a beat, I pulled out of the parking lot and headed off at a high rate of speed checking my mirror for our friend, but I was quicker and didn’t have my cock in my hand or my pants down around my ankles. Lori stopped playing with my cock and climbed over the seat and started laughing Barb looked at her and started laughing my wife as well said you left that poor kid with a case of blue balls Barb replied blue balls my ass, he almost choked me with his load and if I stuck around, he was going to jam that cock in my pussy. We were all laughing. Lori said yeah, like you might have even resisted Barb laughing said if sonny boy had rubbers, we’d still be fucking, and you’d probably have joined me laughingly said to Lori. Lori responded yeah, I think I just may have had to have me some strange cock. My girls were laughing and hugged, and both said now this was a great plan glad we chose “A”. I looked over at the two of them and said plan? No honestly this was not part of my game. Wait until you two get home and see what’s in store. I think the two were mildly in shock to know that this was completely spontaneous both were silent for a moment and my wife then reached over the back seat and hugged my neck looking at Barb saying I don’t know about you, but I loved it Barb whole heartily agreed and the three of use mainly the ladies talked about flashing strangers and giving them something to really enjoy
Poster: Bob Long