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Sweet dare


Anne And Tyrone Return To Jamaica
At the end of Anne’s vacation she returned home in the USA. The weather was cold and snowing. Tyrone was already missing the warmth of Jamaica.

Anne returned to work and gave her two week notice at the hospital. Tyrone did the same. Anne also had to be at the attorney’s office and court for the Annulment that James wanted. The hearing was after work. The judge was happy that Anne was contented with the outcome. She received her money from their accounts. She also gave her landlord a two week notice. The couple that own the house felt badly for Anne. Anne told them she will be just taking her clothes. James will take the furniture the weekend she flys out. James paid Anne cash for her car. When she leaves the car is his.

Anne stays with Tyrone at his apartment. It’s closer to work and she won’t be alone.

Anne also made an appointment at a tattoo shop that does body piercings. She told Naomi the artist she wanted tongue, lip, nipples, belly button, clit and pussy lip piercings. Naomi is from Jamaica. She told Naomi about the family she is staying with. Naomi said,” she is with good people. She will be safe and loved.” Naomi said, “ why are you going there?”
Anne replied, “ I love the brothers and they love me. I am never alone day or night. My body is theirs.”
Naomi replied,” you are very lucky. You have 4 lovers who share you. You are a beautiful girl. I will do your piercings so that you will serve their needs and your own.”
Anne asked Naomi,” if she would put a larger Queen of Spades on her inner thigh next to her pussy?” Naomi said, “yes.”

The piercings were done quickly, however the healing from the piercings would take about 3 days with cleaning and some healing cream.
After Naomii completed the piercings and tattoo, she had Anne look into a full length mirror. The body jewelry sparkled on Anne’s body. She could see the body jewelry highlighting her beauty.
Naomi said, “ Anne you are a natural beauty. The body jewelry really makes you more beautiful and sexually alluring.
Anne smiled. She can’t wait to show Tyrone.

When Anne arrived at Tyrone’s apartment she saw a big pizza box in the kitchen. He just brought it home. He also bought a salad with it. He kissed her and had a cola poured for her. She thanked him and kissed him. They went into the living room to watch TV and eat their dinner.
Tyrone asked Anne, “how the piercings were?”
Anne replied, “okay but right now she is sore and uncomfortable. She said after dinner she will show him.”
Tyrone replied, “OH YES!

After dinner Anne removed her clothes and stood in front of Tyrone. His response is WOW! He said, “you are more beautiful. Actually you are now advertising you are more “fuckable.”
Anne said, “thank you Tyrone,. You can test drive my new body jewelry in 3 days.” Anne knew she had to heal and stay clean.

On the fourth day Anne’s piercings had healed. Her tongue had swollen up a little but she kept ice water and ice chips in her mouth. Her tongue healed. She got home from work before Tyrone. Anne put her nipple and breast chains on. Tyrone came home looking for her. He found her in the bedroom. For the first time she wore the nipple chain attached to both nipllles. The breast chain is long. It fastens to her gold choker and two long strands flow down her chest . Anne wrapped a chain around each breast.
The remainder of the chain was fastened together and fastened to her gold belly chain.

Tyrone was speechless as he looked at her beauty and the body jewelry. He thought of a movie he saw about ancient Egyptian Queens. He kissed her. He asked if he can take photos of her beauty. Anne did different poses standing and laying on the bed. Tyrone said he wanted to take pictures of her with his new camera when they go home to Jamaica,

When he finished with the camera Anne got on her knees on the floor. Looking up at him. He knew she was ready to serve her Master. In the bedroom he is the Master. He unzipped his pants and pushed his cock into her mouth. Looking up to Tyrone her eyes showed love and admiration for him. She pushed her lips receiving his cock on her tongue and into her mouth. She pushed her head forward to receive him in deep throat. She never loses eye contact with the Master or Masters she serves. As Tyrone fucks her mouth he notices how highly stimulated he is. Her lip jewelry and tongue jewelry are highly stimulating his cock. Tyrone increased his pace fucking her throat. He squirted her mouth and throat with copious amounts of sperm as his cock was overly stimulated. He made growling noises as he squirted her throat and was panting from releasing his sperm. The amount was so much sperm Anne could not keep up swallowing it. The sperm ran down her lips, chin, neck and chest. When Tyrone finished, Anne used her fingers to catch the flowing sperm on her body and was eating it. She licked, sucked Tyrone’s cock and balls cleaning him. He kissed her and took her to shower and bathe her. He loves showering with her and holding her in the shower, She is soft, petite, white and beautiful. Anne loves Tyrone’s brown body completely wrapping around her. They are two beautiful people in love.

After completing their two weeks at the hospital and a farewell party Anne and Tyrone fly home to Jamaica. Lloyd, a brother of Tyrone met them at the airport. He had made a cardboard sign reading, “ Hotel car transport for Tyrone and Miss Anne. He drew an ugly picture of Tyrone and a cute drawing of the upper half of Anne with emphasized breasts. As Tyrone and Anne walked toward Lloyd they started laughing when they saw the sign he was holding. Anne and Tyrone hugged Lloyd. Lloyd kissed Anne. Lloyd said, “we didn’t know if you were coming back Anne.”
Anne replied, “ did you save my room for me?
Lloyd said, “Baby you can have any room you want..”
Anne smiled hugging and kissing him.

Lloyd had used one of several vehicles from the hotel to bring them home. When they got home the brothers Devon and Winston with Chantal,Tyrone’s business partner were waiting. They had done a cookout for the safe return of Tyrone and Anne. There was a lot of hugs and kisses for Anne by the brothers and Chantal. Chantal and Anne became best of friends when Anne was introduced by Tyrone.

There was plenty of food. Chantal and Anne sat eating the great Jamaican food with their favorite wine. The brothers were drinking rum or beer.

Tyrone told his brothers that Anne had a new tattoo on her inner thigh next to her pussy. . It is a Queen of Spades tattoo signifying her love for Black men. He said she also had her lip and tongue pierced with body jewelry. He told them you won’t believe how much more stimulated you will be. He also said she had her nipples pierced. She has nipple rings. She enjoys her nipples being licked. She becomes really stimulated. Her belly button is pierced. Her clit and pussy lips are pierced with body jewelry. She gets highly stimulated and they will too.

Anne told Chantal about the tattoo and body piercings. Chantal asked to see them. Anne took her clothes off. Anne had a gold chain connected to both breasts. Another set of gold chains connected to her choker that run down her chest and each chain wraps around a breast. Then the chains are fastened together and connect to her waist chain. Chantal is turned on at how the body jewelry adds to Anne’s beauty. She steps close to Anne. The two girls are now really close. They kiss. Chantal gently rubs Anne’s clit ring with her fingers. Anne moans. Anne says,”you won’t believe how good that feels.”
Chantal said, “ I want to have the piercings done. It’s expensive on the island because the tourists have lots of money.”
Anne said, “ You live here you ask for a discount. I will help you pay. Make the appointment. I will go with you. Call now.”
Chantal called the tattoo studio and made the appointment. She got her discount because she has her business in town.

Anne got dressed and with Chantal they joined the guys at the picnic table on the screened porch. Everyone had plenty to drink. Winston said he and his brothers want to see her body jewelry that Tyrone told them about. Anne took her short shorts off and blouse. She stood before them. The reflections of light from lanterns and the flames of the outdoor fireplace reflected off of Anne’s body jewelry. Her body glowed in the darkness showing how beautiful she is. The brothers pulled Anne to them. They hugged, kissed and used their fingers to explore new body jewelry. Chantal was also naked enjoying being loved by the 4 brothers. The girls led the brothers upstairs to the big bed. The girls laid acrossed the bed with the back of their heads over the edge of the bed. The brothers fucked the girls mouths. Both girls did deep throat. Anne’s tongue and lip piercing had Devon commenting how Anne’s piercings are really stimulating. He feels good and highly sensitive. When he squirts her mouth the sperm is copious. Anne’s mouth is filled. She swallows all of it. Some sperm is on her chin. Devon uses his cock to wipe her chin clean. Anne licks his cock and balls clean. Next Winston fucks Anne’s mouth and throat. He also enjoys Anne’s lip and tongue piercings. Devon moved to the next fun area of Anne’s body. Her pussy. Both Anne and Chantal are doing deep throat, having their pussys, clits finger and hand fucked.

All 4 men kissed and French kissed the girls. They licked, sucked the girls breasts and nipples. Annes nipples are especially stimulated with her nipple rings. Her clit ring and 6 pussy rings are being fingers and hand fucked have her orgasming with all of the stimulation’s.

The next round both girls on their hands and knees on the bed. They are ass and pussy fucked, Anne with the guys are highly stimulated from their cocks rubbing her clit and pussy lip rings. Anne is orgasming so much her body is spasming from the stimulations. Chantal hasn’t been fucked this much since Anne was with her while on vacation. Chantal and Anne both like their ass fucked. The brothers take turns using the girls holes. Winston fucks Anne’s ass and pulls her up off her hands while on her knees. He has his arms around her hugging, kissing her cheek, sucking her neck. His cock is still in her ass. Lloyd comes to Anne on his knees. He kisses, French kisses her lips. He licks, sucks her breasts and nipples. He finger fucks her clit and pussy. Winston fucks Anne’s ass while Lloyd stimulates her, Anne is panting and squealing from the orgasms. She can’t move. Winston holds her tightly as she receives continuous stimulations. As she orgasms Winston whispers in her ear how much he and his brothers love her. She is their Queen. All of the brothers do the same with Anne and Chantal. The brothers are trying to keep the girls thinking about serving them.

It was quite a party. The guys laid with girls as they licked, sucked their cock and balls clean of cum. The girls had the guys put their sperm from the girls pussys and thighs in a cup with a spoon. The guys fed the girls their sperm. Anne has always done this for her masters showing her love and respect for them.

The guys shower and bathe the girls. The brothers went home. Anne and Chantal slept with Tyrone.

The following day late in the afternoon Anne went with Chantal for a tattoo and piercings. She got everything that Anne has. Now both girls have tongue, lip, nipple, belly button, clit and pussy rings. Chantal liked Anne’s Queen of Spades tattoo. Because Chantal is brown the Black Spade was outlined with a thin white line to highlight the tattoo. The “Q” on the Spade is white like Anne’s. It is in the same place as Anne’s. Inner thigh next to her pussy.

Chantal told Anne she is taking her to a private club Friday and Saturday night. It’s at at a hotel. It so private no member talks about it. She said unescorted ladies are admitted free. Drinks are also free for unescorted ladies.

Anne Finds A Job And Celebrates With Chantal...cont’d
Poster: Anne Buckley