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Sweet dare


Part 3 what my wife confessed to!
So my wife's turn came around, finally. She, apparently, assumed that I had not been able to control my self with the three ladies I had met during the summer, and it would be a good time to get this off her chest. (It should be noted that I really was still a virgin when we got married.) So, apparently that same summer she and two other girls were spending the night was at one of her GF house. The subject of sex came up. One had said she had done it with a boyfriend. The other two said they had played with a guy's penis, so they started comparing sizes shapes, testicles of their boyfriend or guys they had seen. The GF who's house they were at said she saw her younger step brothers all the time. They had a Jack and Jill bathroom, and he would just walk in nude all the time. At that point my wife pointed out that even though he was two years younger he was really good looking and was bigger than most of the other junior high boys. Her GF said he would come in the shower with her nearly every day and she would Jack him off. She told them that when he was about to cum he became totally helpless. She told them sometimes she would squeeze his little testees until he promised to eat her pussy and make her cumm. She told them that they could see him naked right now if they wanted, and she could have him eat all four out if they wanted that too! My wife said she was curious to see him, but told the other girls they should put something other than their PJ on, but by this time he was already in the room, nude and had a rock hard dick. She said they all took turns examining it, even measure it. She said it was barely 5" long and only 3" around! She could not believe how much smaller it was than mine. At this point she said that they had a bottle of amoretto and had been drinking, most of it was gone. So the girls started asking about how I would rub my dick up and down Sherry's pussy, and make her cum, with out loosing her virginity? The guy volunteered immediately! So the girl who had already had sex said I'll go first, demonstrate on me, so Sherry got them into three different positions. First he laid on his back and the girl straddled him, sliding it between her slit. After a few slides back and forth the others wanted a go. Sherry said even she did it and it really felt good because it had been more than two months since we had even seen each other. Next The girl laid down and he got on top, but didn't lay on her, he held himself up with his arms. Again, you could see his dick sliding back and forth over the clit. Sherry said they all let him do it. She said at this point she was really getting wet, because he had a nice body and it really felt good, and it was really hot watching the others when they were getting rubbed. The final position was the spoon. By now all the girls were pretty wet. The first girl went, and held her top leg up so they all could see. After a short time the next girl did the same thing, but she had a little more fat on her legs so after the first 3 or 4 pumps by him she let them close some. In a minute or two she suddenly said enough, who's next and got up. The other girl did almost the identical thing, kind of getting up quickly. So Sherry said she was really horny watching him because the entire time he was humping the other three he had his arms around them playing with their breasts, just like I always did. She said after the first hump or two she became focused on him playing with her breasts and kissing on her neck. She said she had lowered her leg and it felt so good. Then she heard him whisper something in her ear and realized that because his penis was so much shorter than mine, it was not rubbing her clitoris,in fact she couldn't really feel it rubbing an thing on her pussy, but he was still pumping away. That's when she realized that the other girls had jumped up so quickly because he had been actually fucking them and they had just lost their virginity! She quickly raised her leg and reached down with her hand and felt his dick, she said she was not sure but it kinda felt like he was pulling it out of her virgina! She said she was not sure because she felt the bottom of the head. So she said next, and the non virgin girl who had sex with her BF, jumped down on her back and said she wanted him to fuck while the rest of us watched! She made him eat her pussy first until she came. Then she had a rubber in her hand. She opened it and put it on him and he fucked he for a good five or six minutes until he came. After that we took the rubber off and one of the girls asked what did it taste like? No one knew so she tasted it,then we all tasted.
After that he went back to his room, and we all talked about what just happened. Everyone started talking about the spoon position and that they were not sure if it went in. The non virgin said he definitely fucked her when they were spooning! And she said she was at our feet when the rest of were spooning so she could see everyone clearly. Sherry told her that he went in before she lowered her leg and when she opened her legs back up and reached down with her hand it was definitely a good three inches in and Sherry had white female cum everywhere! The other two girls said they definitely saw him in her two. Sherry told them all she didn't feel anything! By then the other girls were admitting that they had felt him inside, but since it didn't hurt they let him keep going, until they realize that they might get pregnant, so that is when they jumped up. We all decided to make a pact that we would never tell anyone about what happened.
Then she said he came back in around three in the morning. He first ate the first girl's pussy and they opened a new rubber and he fucked. With the same rubber he did the same thing to the other two girls while we all watched! When it was my turn I said no I didn't want to fuck, so he said ok, but at least let me eat your pussy. The girls all kind of pressured me into saying OKAY. He did a really fantastic job (better than my future husband was doing at the time!) And when I started cumming he realized it and the next thing I know he was on top of me pumping my pussy as hard as he could, and this time I could feel it! It felt really good too!
Then she looked straight into my eyes and said,"I'm sorry honey, but I wasn't a virgin for you on or wedding night, please don't hate me. I love you, I'm really really sorry."
It got quite after that, until I told her that was so long ago it really doesn't matter now.
The next round everyone passed, so a piece of clothing had to come off, that meant we were all nude now.
That's when the next rule we agreed to made it real interesting.
Poster: Retired from the military