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Sweet dare


Never ever imagined this could happen!
This is a totally true story and not something I can still believe happened. My wife and I have been married for 20 years this year. My wife had just one serious boyfriend before we were married and he was her only sexual partner. She had played but no intercourse whereas I had a multitude of girlfriends and experience.
We first discussed a threesome many many years ago. My wife is very straight and a bit of a prude to be honest but was open to talking about it.
She was upset initially so I left it. We talked again a few months later and my fantasy was always to try a threesome with 2 women. She made it clear that was never going to happen as she would get too jealous, not to mention I’d had enough girls prior so should t need to try more!
She then blew me away by saying if it does happen it will be with another guy. I was dumbfounded and shocked but strangely turned on. I’d never considered it.
Months passed and I couldn’t get the thought out of my mind as to my shy spunky redhead prim and proper wife being with another man.
We discussed the pros and cons and there were lots such as jealousy, feelings, perception by others or friends if they found out.
She thought perhaps it might be overwhelming to have 2 to begin with and even suggested just being with someone else solo first. I was all for it and she has my blessing.
She went out for work drinks with a colleague who regularly played behind her husbands back so I figured it would be a perfect chance for her. I sat up late waiting for her to come home. She estimated it would be 12. So when 3am rolled around I was anxious as hell.
She staggered in and didn’t say much but immediately stripped off and kissed me.
I asked her what happened and she said nothing with a cheeky smile.
I got off on the not knowing.
She later conceded there was a kiss but the guy freaked when he saw her wedding ring.
Fast forward 15 years....
Nothing happened again and as much as I hoped it would she was steadfast.
My friend Greg, an ex colleague has moved interstate and shortly after his marriage and entire life was turned upside down.
He literally had nowhere to go so I offered out spare room.
He was very grateful and my wife and I cared for him during this terrible time in his life.
He had always flirted with my wife who I will name G.
She liked the attention but never made much fuss. I was working late then and would go to bed early leaving them to watch tv til late.
They would talk for hours. I’d always Fantasied about something happening but it never did.
One night in bed she told me they had talked about his ex wife and how he hadn’t been intimate for over half a year with her before the break up.
I told her she should go and fix that problem!
She laughed and said “I don’t think he would like that”.
Note, she didn’t say no, just that I was being silly and he wouldn like it as it would be awkward the next day.
A few weeks passed and we all went out for drinks with our friends for my wife’s bday.
Everyone drank too much and at one point I saw her sitting on his lap as there was no chairs left. He looked uncomfortable as he noticed I had seen it but I just smiled and raised my eyebrows to show him I didn’t mind.
In the taxi on the way home I ensured I got in the front leaving them alone in the back.
I could see they were sitting close but there is still a boundary between guys and wife s and he didn’t react to her playfulness,
We got home and had another drink and retired to bed.
I told her that it’s now or never!
She said what?
I said you know, poor guy is aching for it and you know he likes you.
G said no way
I said if you go in there to his room he is not going to say no!
She said “Would you hate me?”
I said no way
I’d love you like always
She teased and said ok
She then got out of bed and went and got a drink
She said when she returned “tricked you!”
I said I’m not scared.
She then smiled and said I’ll be back in a minute.
I sat there thinking she was joking again.
The time was 1:15am...
20 mins passed...
I snuck out to the living room.
No sign of her.
I snuck to his door at the front of the house.
I nearly had a heart attack...
I’ll nrver forget it...
The door shut and the unmistakable sounds of sex. He was pumping her, I’m guessing from behind with the slapping noise of skin.
She was moaning softly.
I snuck back to my room nursing a hard on..
I waited
The door opened
In the dark I see my wife’s silhouette as she climbed into bed.
I said nothing
She kissed me and said
“He is happy now”
She had no pantries on and I immediately felt her pushy.
I knew straight away she had been ducked multiple times.
And as I flipped her over and entered her I felt her pussy full of cum trickle fown her leg.
We fucked like crazy but I was so horny I shot my load deep inside her in just minutes.
We rolled over and went to sleep.
The next morning was so weird.
He arose and had breakfast and we talked about the awesome night we had.
He didnt know I knew and I didn’t tell him.
I think he suspected I may have knew.
The next few days are crazy as she bed hopped. He was terrified that I’d find out but she assured him I was sound asleep.
He struggled to look me in the eye at first.
My wife got up and kissed him and I on the cheek and made coffee.
For the next 6 months my wife experienced sexual freedom and got to have ya both whenever she liked.
He then moved back interstate and to this day doesnt know that I was ok with him fucking my wife. I even had a business trip where I had to leave them alone fir a weekend. That’s another story!
So to those people who think it’s a lost cause, read this story and realise never dies t always mean never.
Talk of a MFM is now flowing freely..
Poster: Jay Charles