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Sweet dare


Part four of T or D story, wife's next shock for me.
Sherry thinks I should tell you this first. It happen a couple of weeks later. Kay and Jack were over, they had been over several times since that weekend, but no one ever mentioned that night. Some how the subject finally came up. After going over how it happened we began to realize we had all been played by Maria and Carlos. They hadn't been drinking as much as the rest of us. And they had brought up new rules, innocent at first but then steered the group into the real rule they had in mind.
So, back to the game.
As everyone is "refusing to answer" during the next round, therefore removing the last of the clothing, Carlos became the center of attention. You see he is 6'3" more musclar and even though he was born in Puerto Rico, he is obviously of African decent. As he slipped his shorts of, what we all saw looked a little smaller than mine, but he was not hard and I had been. So at that point Kay and Sherry and I, and Jack assumed it was a lot bigger when it was hard.
So everyone gives a jucie story,now my wife starts telling about the first weekend off after finishing basic training. I couldn't make it so my mind started racing. She said Jack and Kay invited her to tag along. Jack already had a hotel room with two full size beds. So they parked at the hotel, dumped their bags and went right next door to a club. They all got trashed. At closing time, somewhere after midnight they all stumbled back to the hotel room. Sherry went to the bathroom first and came out in a semi see through baby doll,but then said I don't think anyone noticed. Jack spoke up and said he noticed but the lights were not all on so he didn't see much,...then. Kay changed next, meanwhile Jack stipped down nearly right in front of me. As drunk as he was he still had a good Bonner. Kay came out and announced"Jack, honey, I have bad news for you, I just got my period!"
Well they got in bed and she first tried to give him a hand job,then a blow job, but he was actually starting to get a little soft. Sherry said I got really horny so I offered to help. Kay said come on over, so I jumped on their bed. I grabbed his dick and started jacking away. He got hard quick! Then both of us started licking. Then I started sucking. That's when I realized Jack had a handful of my tit and the other hand was full of his wife's tit. I was drunk and between the sucking strange dick and getting my tittie's rubbed by a stranger I got super hot. The next thing I remember Jack had a couple of fingers in my pussy and my panties were at my knees. Kay had gotten up and came to my side of the bed and was pulling my panties the rest of the way off. About then Jack blertted out fuck me now, please fuck me now! Kay had moved back to the other side of the bed and when I raised up off his dick to catch my breath,she slipped a condom on him. Then looked me straight into the eyes and said someone might as well enjoy it. I was so horny I climbed right on. It didn't hurt like it did on our honeymoon, but it did hurt some, at first. After I rode him 5 or 6 minutes he rolled me over and started pounding away. At that point Kay spoke up and said you rode him hard for a good twenty girl!
The next morning I woke up with him spooning me. He had his right arm over me and his hand wrapped around my left breast. I was completely naked and so was everyone else. Then I realized his dick was inside of me, but it was soft. About then he must have woken, because I felt him growing hard. I was so embarrassed I just acted like I was still asleep. He got a full hard on and as softly as he could started fucking me. Finally I couldn't fake sleep anymore, and started moaning. It really felt good , but I didn't cum. He finally came after ten minutes or so. Then he got up and went to the shower. When I open my eyes I see Kay laying in bed she had been watching us the whole time. I sat up and she said thank you for taking care of my husband, he really needed it. Then I felt my pussy was all wet. I laid back down and felt myself. It was his cum! Kay saw it too,and said shit he didn't have a condom on. It's a good thing you just finished your period! By then Jack came back in and asked if we wanted to go eat breakfast or lunch?
I ended up sleeping with him the next night too and again right before we had to report back in.
Okay I have to admit the first story made me a little upset. Now I was even more upset, but I kept my cool. I also started thinking I should have the right to fuck Kay, no telling how many times he fucked Sherry, know of at least six.
So now we all decided to make a new rule.
I t said that everyone has to fuck someone other than their spouse.
Another rule came in right after that, I think it was Carlos who said something about a threesome.
The rule was we all were going to do threesomes. Jack and I voted against it but the girls and Carlos voted for it. The next thing I know, there was a vote, and Kay and Sherry were heading to the master bedroom and Jack, Maria and I were heading to the spare bedroom. Let me tell you neither Jack nor I was turned on by Maria. She had two kids and had not been taking care of herself. She had maybe "baby B's" and her stomach and legs were a lot bigger than I wanted to see. The only thing that got us turned on was hearing our wives moaning with pleasure in the next room.
Later Sherry told me she and Kay were expecting his dick to be bigger than mine but it was definitely not as fat as mine and just a little shorter.
Poster: Retired military