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Sweet dare


The Hunting Cabin! (part 1)
This story happened earlier in our playing also. At this point in our playing we were into it pretty hot and heavy and on a regular basis. She was really into trying new things and doing new things. Most of the time though it was with my best friend and best man at my wedding Rick.

This was in September and still hot in this part of the country but it was time for me and Rick and three more friends that made up our hunting club to go to the cabin and clean up and fix things up for hunting season. What we normally did was go up on Friday night and then work Saturday and Sunday. Our cabin is one big room with five old army cots, a propane cooker on a table and a porta potty outside the door that we bought. So nothing at all fancy.

We take the coolers with beer of course and mostly sandwich meats and chips with us. On Thursday night I loaded my truck up since I was leaving the next day from the office and she was helping me out. We were nearly finished when she asked me was it the usual crew or did we add anyone this year. Told her the usual guys and then she named off so Rick,Todd,Donnie and Jim and I confirmed that. She then got inquisitive and asked when we finished for the day what did we talk about at night and before I answered she said probably women.

We went back inside and got showers and got settled in when she told me I should let her bring us a good meal up Saturday. Surprised me and I said out in the middle of the woods to the cabin. She laughed and said yea it will be better than sandwiches and chips. Guess she saw the look and she said unless you rather me not be there. Told her if that's what she wanted to do then it was fine by me and the guys would appreciate it.

We got in bed and was just talking mainly and she said hey about me coming out with dinner to the cabin there is kind of another reason I want to come out there. I had a different kind of look then and said okay and what's that reason. She then asked did I remember her telling me that her fantasy has always been to be the center of attention of a bunch of guys. I laughed an said yep I remember that. So she went on to explain that since she played with everyone that will be there that it would be a perfect time to make her fantasy come true.

My first thought was wow we have really been into the playing but this would take it to a whole new level but I liked the idea. So I told her if she thought she could handle it then it sounded hot to me.. She had evidently put a lot of thought into this because she then told me I know that there is only five cots there so I thought I could bring the queen sized blow up mattress and you could blow it up with the generator and afterwards if you want to drive me down to the gate I can drive back home or if things go good I can just stay Saturday night too. Wow well thought out.

Her only concern was she wanted me to talk to the guys and tell her she was coming out and make sure no one had a problem with it and if so she would not come. So Friday morning I called all the guys and no one had a problem with it and to the man mentioned it could be a lot of fun with her there. So the plans were set in place that I would meet her at the gate Saturday at four. We got there Friday night and something I did not think about with no air or fans in the cabin then a night of sex and everyone would be sweating. Luckily Donnie had a fan in his truck and we set it up.

I went down to the gate and met her and we got back to the cabin and she hugged everyone and then laid out a amazing dinner. She had wore a pair of white shorts and a tight burgundy top that showed a lot of cleavage. This was before thongs so her bikini panties were very evident in the white shorts. She got everything cleaned up and kiddingly asked the guys where she was going to sleep. She got several offer to share their cot with her. She smiled and said she just so happened to bring a soft blow up mattress with her and ask me to get it out of her trunk. So I got it and we got it set up.

She had brought sheets and a blanket and everything and brought a hand full of towels. Donnie said you do know we don't have a shower right. I think it had crossed everyone's mind of why she had came out and brought a mattress with her. She asked what we normally done when we were out there and got the same answer we sit around and drink beer and bs about everything. She then said well I brought some cards with me lets play cards. Todd said okay what do you want to play. She smiled and said strip poker. He smiled and said five of us and one of you that means we will get you naked pretty quick so sounds great to me.

She did not make any special rules in other words the quicker we got her naked the quicker she would get to start her fantasy. It took about five hands before she was down to her little bikini panties. We were all in our thirties except for Donnie who was in his mid fifties. She was twenty seven and had beautiful firm thirty four B tits and weighed about one hundred and fifteen. Since she was just in her panties Donnie said was he assuming right that getting naked in front of all them was part of her plan. She smiled and said it is and asked should she just take the panties off now since that was what she wanted to do. In unison we all said yes.
Poster: Greg