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The Superbowl Bet
Naked on Double date
Naked outdoor work walk
My wife's first time using a sex toy
T or Do promotion party, part 5
My weekend away and what she got up to
Tight little wet pussy gets licked and fucked.
Ft Lauderdale Conference fun
Neighbor Repairman
The Hunting Cabin! (part 1)

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Sweet dare


The Superbowl Bet
I’m going to let Lori tell this story, as she is the better writer of us two, Rob.
We recently went to a Super Bowl party at our neighbor's house. There were two other couples there besides us and our neighbors. One of the couples was new to our group. I think we've mentioned that we swap with our neighbors on a regular basis. Anyway, I think Rob and my neighbor set up us ladies. None of..
Poster: RobnLori | Full Story»

Naked on Double date
After the last ordeal with Pam thing were quite for a couple of week when she came into my office at around 2 in the afternoon with everyone still at the office and said you either give me all of your clothes right now or agree to go on a double date with her and a couple friends I have never met. I said I guess a double date it is. She described “my date” as about 5’6”, very pretty face a..
Poster: crazyjoe1073 | Full Story»

Naked outdoor work walk
It has been a while since I had time to write about my continuing adventures. Well after things started happening at work things became active. I was at the office by myself around 10pm on a Friday night; I was working on the budget when I got a call from Pam who said she was at the employee entrance and needed to come in. She asked can you come let me in and being that we are the only ones here c..
Poster: crazyjoe1073 | Full Story»

My wife's first time using a sex toy
When we first met my wife and I got to know each other in the intimate sense almost immediately she said right out of the gate that she felt I had far more experience than she did which wasn’t entirely true but of course in a new relationship you have to ask the do’s and don’ts likes and dislikes and one of my likes was the use of sex toys with my partners.

It almost ..
Poster: Bob Long | Full Story»

T or Do promotion party, part 5
So my wife said I should tell another story that I told. She said it turned her on at the time because she didn't know that she was doing that and it was embarrassing.
So after we were all nude, my time came first in that round.
I told everyone that Shirley always wore a bra when we went anywhere, except when we were on vacation and nobody we knew was around. And even then she only ..
Poster: Retired Military | Full Story»

My weekend away and what she got up to
As per my previous story, you will see that this is a 100% true story. It was unexpected and still something i think about daily. My shy professional wife doing things like this is stuff out of my wildest dreams really and as i have said before, totally out of character.
We are regular working people with kids mortgage and all the baggage that comes with that.
My wife had many times ..
Poster: Never imagined this could happen (Part 2) | Full Story»

Tight little wet pussy gets licked and fucked.
I had been so turned on all day just thinking about what could happen tonight. As I prepared to go see him, I painted my fingernails and toenails a bright pink. Made sure my pussy was shaved smooth except for a small patch in the shape of a V. The patch was very sparse and barely visible. As I rubbed lotion on myself down there, I could feel how smooth I was and even got turned on a little feelin..
Poster: Jarsha | Full Story»

Ft Lauderdale Conference fun
Last post 12/28, pretty boring and cold in Detroit the last couple months, so I was looking forward to the Marketing Conference in Ft. Lauderdale the last week of January. I was scheduled to fly in on Sunday night, return home the following Saturday morning, and my Dr. boyfriend David would be joining me Tuesday night and flying home with me on Saturday. As I usually do, I brought a good selection..
Poster: Kelly | Full Story»

Neighbor Repairman
My neighbor is good looking and I couldn't ever figure out why he was with his wife. He was tall always had a nice tan he worked construction. He would do yard work without a shirt on and had a nice lean muscular build. I couldn't help but watch him every time I wild lay out by the pool. I often had thoughts about what it would be like to fuck him. I'm 5'2 and 110 pounds brown hair that goes dow..
Poster: Naughty Neighbor | Full Story»

The Hunting Cabin! (part 1)
This story happened earlier in our playing also. At this point in our playing we were into it pretty hot and heavy and on a regular basis. She was really into trying new things and doing new things. Most of the time though it was with my best friend and best man at my wedding Rick.

This was in September and still hot in this part of the country but it was time for me and Rick and t..
Poster: Greg | Full Story»

Part four of T or D story, wife's next shock for me.
Sherry thinks I should tell you this first. It happen a couple of weeks later. Kay and Jack were over, they had been over several times since that weekend, but no one ever mentioned that night. Some how the subject finally came up. After going over how it happened we began to realize we had all been played by Maria and Carlos. They hadn't been drinking as much as the rest of us. And they had broug..
Poster: Retired military | Full Story»

Never ever imagined this could happen!
This is a totally true story and not something I can still believe happened. My wife and I have been married for 20 years this year. My wife had just one serious boyfriend before we were married and he was her only sexual partner. She had played but no intercourse whereas I had a multitude of girlfriends and experience.
We first discussed a threesome many many years ago. My wife is very str..
Poster: Jay Charles | Full Story»

Part 3 what my wife confessed to!
So my wife's turn came around, finally. She, apparently, assumed that I had not been able to control my self with the three ladies I had met during the summer, and it would be a good time to get this off her chest. (It should be noted that I really was still a virgin when we got married.) So, apparently that same summer she and two other girls were spending the night was at one of her GF house. Th..
Poster: Retired from the military | Full Story»

Part 2 Truth or Dare what the answers were.
As promised here are some of the jucie things that were told that or spouses or the others didn't know.
But, before I get started, I must say why the part one got cut off so abruptly. My sweet wife Sherry came in and started reading over my shoulder. it got her thinking about that night so she made an offer I couldn't refuse. She was the wettest she has been in years. like I said I couldn't..
Poster: Retired | Full Story»

What we didn't know until our truth or dare game with close friends
So my wife and I were at her closest GFs house for a promotion party when the truth first came out.
But first I need to give you some background info. My wife and I have been dating since high school. She was a freshman and I was a junior. Neither one of our families had any money when we were growing up, fell in to the "lower middle class"category. As soon as I graduated, I went into the m..
Poster: Retired from the military at last | Full Story»