19 Year Old University Student

Female University Student


I have been checking in at truthordarepics for quite some time now. I came across it one day as I was surfing sites. I have suggested it to many people I know. Including my best friend and she loves it too! I guess I should start by telling you that I'm 19, a University student and F am I ever horny, always!!! I recently had sex with a coworker, and he said I was the first girl he ever had ontop!!! What kind of girls he was with in the past I do not know, obviously boring ones! I love sex, and everything related, I mean who wouldn't! Recently I have been exchanging pics with a really good friend of mine who lives in another city. Him and I hooked up not long ago and I had my first ever squirting experience, it was the best thing ever, hands down. I have never done anything like this and he is the only one that I have ever exchanged pics with. Usually I am completely shaved but have a little bit of hair right now. I'm tight but I love to take in thick cocks. I also LOVE sucking and drinking up every last drop of cum from a guy. Send me an email/suggestions with dares or comments and I'll see what I can do. I hope to become a regular addition to the site and just writing this is turning me on knowing how many people are looking at me. I would love to be fucked by two guys at the same time and sucking another off, I hope I can find three guys into it soon! I'm sooo horny. Send me suggestions and pictures are always welcome, of male or female or both!

<3 hotnhornylady @ live.ca

Female University Student



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